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一、 用动词的适当形式填空:(15分)

(go) to the bookstore(书店) last Sunday,then I (carry)them on my bike.

2.My brother Lele (bump)his head.

(have) a stomachache today.

(have)a fever.My face was wet,I felt hot,hot and hot.

二、 句型转换:(15分)

1. Sam ,Oh,a bike,yesterday,and,I,for,ride,went.for.(连词成句)

2. And ,we,hungry were,thirsty,then,and,(连词成句)

3. You had a cold.(变为一般疑问句并肯定回答)

4. My friend did his homework last night.(变为一般疑问句并作否定回答)

5. 秋千)(对划线部分提问)

三、 根据单词提示及课文内容,讲述故事,至少6句话:(18分)

What happened to ......? go for a bike ride and then hungry thirsty buy watermelon carry on his bike fall off his bike bump his head


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