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一、选出下列单词中划线部分发音与其它三个不同的一项。(每小题1分,共5分) ( )1、A.path B.thank C.those D.there ( )2、A.pear B.here C.hair D.chair ( )3、A.where B.who C.white D.which ( )4、A.must B.excuse C.bus D.nut ( )5、A.room B.too C.school D.good 二、按要求填空。(每空1分,共10分)

1、heavy(比较级) 2、wear(同音词) 3、cm(全写) 4、thin(比较级) 5、fail(对应词) 6、here(同音词) 7、angry(对应词) 8、does not(缩写形式) 9、you(名词性物主代词) 10、he(宾格) 三、英汉互译。(每空1分,共10分)

1、发烧 2、头疼 3、in the garden 4、醒,醒来 5、take it easy 6、从…到… 7、长城 8、一位工程师 9、twice a day 10、节约用水 四、单项选择。(每小题1分,共15分) ( )1、He swimming.

A. like B.likes C. liking D.has

( )2、He to work by bus .

A. go B.goes C. is going D.is go

( )3、Elephant is than dog.

A.stronger B.strong C. longer D.long


( )4、Look! The kite in the sky.

A.fly B.flies C. is flying D.is going to fly

( )5、Thank you all for .

A.coming B.come C. to come D.comeing

( )6、I want a new CD.

A.buy B.buying C. buys D.to buy

( )7、You are shorter me.

A.to B.and C. than D.with

( )8、What’s the matter you?

A.to B.and C. than D.with

( )9、My throat sore. My nose .

A.is, hurt B.are, hurt C. is, hurts D.is, hurting

( )10、I’m going to my grandparents.

A.visit B.visiting C. visits D.to visit

( )11、--- Can I go on foot? --- .

A.Yes,you can. B.Yes, I can. C.No, you can D.No, I can’t

( )12、I go home 5:20 the evening.

A.at, on B.in, on C.at, in D.on, in

( )13、I’d like some English stories.

A.read B.to read C. reads D.reading

( )14、--- is your father? ---He is 12 years old.

A.How many B.How much C. How old D.where

( )15、 name is Ann, what’s name?

A.She, you B.Her, your C. Her, you D.She, you



1、shorter, are, than, you, me

2、with, what’s, matter, the, you .

3、than, taller, who, you, is

4、the, come, where, rain, does, from

5、happy, am, to, have, I, new, a, pen pal.

6、have, don’t, sister, brother, I, or, a.

7、pen pal, your, in, Shanghai, live, does.


1、I am 156cm (tall, taller), my brother is (tall, taller)than (I, me).

2、My hands (are, is) (bigger, heavier) than (your, yours).

3、I wear (size 16, 16 size).

4、How (do, does,) she feel?

5、I (have, has) a headache, she (have, has) a fever.

6、Where does the cloud (come, comes) from? It (come, comes) from the vapour.


1、I feel sick. (对划线部分提问)

2、She has a headache.(对划线部分提问)

3、My mother is 58 kg.( 对划线部分提问)

4、She is 2 years bigger than me.(改错)

第3页,共4页 5、我比Amy高1厘米.(翻译) 6、My plant has two green leaves.( 改为一般疑问句) 7、Is your throat sore ?(做否定回答) 八、阅读理解。(20分) (一) It’s a Sunday today. It’s a sunny day. Lucy is going to the park. She’s going to fly a kite with Lily. Lucy’s mother doesn’t go to the park. Because tomorrow is Lily’s birthday. She is going to buy a new dress for her. Her mother and Lucy’s mother are going shopping. Lucy’s mother wants to buy a pair of new shoes for herself. 判断正(T)误(F)。(每小题2分,共10分) ( )1、It’s Sunday today. ( )2、Lily and Lucy are going to the park. ( )3、Lily’s mother is going to the park. ( )4、Lily’s mother and Lucy’s mother are going shopping. ( )5、Lucy’s mother wants to buy a dress for herself. (二) Bill lives in Australia. He works in a company. He goes to work by bus. He usually reads newspapers on the bus. He goes back home at about 6 o’clock. He watches TV in the evening. He likes collecting stamps. He often plays basketball on weekends. 根据短文内容回答问题。(每小题2分,共10分) 1、Where does Bill live ? 2、Does he work in a car company ? 3、How does he go to work ? 4、What is his hobby ? 5、Does he play basketball in the evening ? 第4页,共4页

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