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1. About your family


There are three people in my family, is my dad, my mother and me. It is a happy family. My father is a doctor, work in the hospital of tanggu.My mother is a teacher,.My dad and mom both like singing. They often taught me singing.

2. About your best friend


I have a good friend, her name is . she comes from tanggu of tianjin. She has a pair of bright eyes and black hair. She is in the same class with me. We go to school and go home together everyday.On Saturday, Sunday, we play together .She is good at sports,and loves to help others.

3. About your school



I am in primary school-tanggu zhejiang road school of tanggu.It is located in shanghai road. The school have one thousand students, one hundred teacher. the school has a very large building.There are many many beautiful flowers and trees. I very love my school, in learning a very pleasant.

4. About your teacher


My english teacher called , he is from England. And he speaks english fluently. He was very tall and has a pair of bright eyes. He was very lively, and I love english class. He is good at sports, is always playing games together with us. He very early every day to school and home very late.

4. About your favourite sport


My favorite sport is jogging. i went to school every day, i run two

times. so, i feel very comfortable. i can perform well. the meeting, i'm running a school in the first place. i often watch the sports channel. 5. About my birthday

在我生日那天,我非常高兴,放学后立即回家,看爸爸给我买的礼物。爸爸知道我很喜欢一辆自行车,他就给我买了,让我天天骑着上学。妈妈给我买了一个很大的蛋糕。我们一家共同唱一首歌,祝你生日快乐。过了生日意味着我长大了。爸爸、妈妈看我长大,非常高兴。 On my birthday, i am very pleased, immediately came home after school, my father bought a present. dad know i'd like a bicycle, he bought me, i rode to school every day. mother bought me a big cake. our family have to sing a song, i wish you a happy birthday. after the birthday means that i grew older. my mum and dad see me grow up, and very ple

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