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Module 3 We visited lots of places

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课题 Module 3 We visited lots of places.

一、 自主学习:

1. 学习目标(重、难点):

1. 能听、说、认读本课的重点单词:the British Museum, the London Eye, wheel, wonderful, understand, postcard;

2 .能正确使用动词过去式;能利用What did you do? Where did you go?询问别人过去做的


3.词汇:the British Museum, the London Eye, wheel, wonderful, understand, postcard 及动词过去式;句型:What did you do at the weekend? Where did you go ?



1. --- What ______ you ______ (do) at the weekend?

--- I ______ (visit) lots of places.

2. My friend ______ (send) me a nice postcard last week.

3. Helen ______ (go) to the British Museum every year. Last month she ______ (go) there, too.

4. Tom can ______ (take) photos.

He ______ (take) a photo of his father just now.



1. --- Hello. ________ your name?

--- ________ name is Jane.

--- I’m Michael.

--- Nice to meet you, Michael.

2. Tom: Hi. Jenny. How are you?

Jenny: ______ ______, thank you. What ______ you ______ (do) the weekend? Tom: I ______ (go) to the Great Wall.

二、 学生展示:

三、 学习检测:

1、 基础题:

( )1. --- ______ did you go?

--- Dalian.

A. What B. Where C. Who D. Why

( )2. I ______ understand this sentence(句子).

A. do B. am C. don’t D. am not

( )3. --- How are you?

--- ________.

A. I’m five. B. I’m fine. C. How are you? D. How do you do?

( )4. She ______ me a postcard yesterday.

A. sent B. sends C. send D. sending

( )5. They ______ lots of places last week.

A. visit B. visited C. visiting D. Visits

2、 综合题:


1. 他们星期六去科学博物馆。

( )a. They went to the Science Museum on Saturday.

( )b. We went to the Summer Palace on Saturday.

2. 王叔叔周末做什么。

( )a. What did your aunt do at the weekend?

( )b. What did Uncle Wang do at the weekend?

3. 萨姆的朋友们去他家了。

( )a. Sam’s friends went to his house.

( )b. They took some photos.

4. 我们从网上购物。

( )a. We did some shopping on the Internet.

( )b. She did some shopping at the supermarket.

3、 拓展题:


1. They ______ (move) to that city last year.

2. I ______ (drop) my ice-cream on the ground.

3. She ______ (study) in that school.

4. Mum ______ (ask) me to buy some apples.

(二)读一读,判断下列句子的对( T )错( F )

Dear Daming,

I am in London now. Yesterday I went to the park with Sam and Amy. We met John in the park. He’s Sam and Amy’s friend. We bought ice creams. Then we went home by bus. I ran to the bus. But I dropped my ice cream!



( ) 1.Lingling is in London with Sam and Amy

( ) 2.Yesterday they went to the London Eye.

( ) 3. John is Sam and Amy’s friend.

( ) 4.They bought ice creams..


Dad:Where did you go this afternoon?

Jia Ming:I went to the supermarket with Donny.

Dad:What did you buy?

Jia Ming:We bought a bag of candy,a pencil case and a ruler.

Dad:Were you at the supermarket all the time?

Jia Ming:We were hungry and thirsty,so we went to a fast food restaurant. Dad:What did you eat?

Jia Ming:We ate some chicken,some hamburgers and French fries.

Donny:We drank soda and juice,too.

Dad:Time for dinner.

Jia Ming:Oh,sorry.I can’t eat any more.I’m full.


( )1. Jia Ming went to the supermarket with Dad.

( )2.They bought a bag of candy,a pencil case and a ruler.

( )3.They went to a supermarket.

( )4.They ate some chicken,some hamburgers and French fries.

( )5.Donny drank milk.

四、 小结反思:


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