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五年级英语 Module 3 Unit 2 What did Daming do

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Where is it?

the British Museum

Where is it?

Big Ben

Where is it?

the London Eye

Module 3 Unit 2

What did Daming do?

Look and guess.
Do you know the place?

Look and guess.

Look and guess.

The Great Wall 长城

1.Who went to the Great wall? 谁去了长城?

Look and say.

the Great Wall Daming and his father went to ______________ at the weekend ______________.

2.When did they go?


at ten o’clock They went there _________________ in the morning _____________________.

3.How did they go? 他们怎么去的?

by bus to Badaling They went __________________.

4.What did they do? 他们做了什么?

by bus to Badaling They went __________________.

They took photos of the ____________ . mountains

5.What did Daming do? 大明做了什么?

He took a photo of his father .

Retell the story.复述这个故事
the Great Wall went to __________ at the weekend.

at ten They went there _____ by bus They went ______

in the morning. to Badaling.

took They ____ photos of the mountains. took ____ a photo of

? 1.Last Sunday,we __photos of the mountains. ? A. take B. took C. looks ? 2.let’s __a cake. ? A. to make B. made C. make ? 3.We __you a postcard last week. ? A. send B. sent C. sends

Thank you

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