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book 11, Module 5i want a chinese pen pal

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Unit2 I want a Chinese pen pal.


be from/come from write to live speak write in English pen pal pretty pleased address foreign visit

can can't Can you/he/she/they...? Yes.../No...

false? 1.Carol is from America. √
3.Lingling can’t speak English. × 4.Brian comes from London. √


2. Carol wants an English pen pal. ×

5.Brian can speak Chinese.


Hi, I am Lily. I'm from America. I can speak some Chinese, I like singing and dancing.I want a Chinese pan pal. Do you want to be my pen pal?

Now, please write a short passage to ask for a pen pal.

Hi,I'm.../My name is... I'm from.../I come from... I can/can't... I like... I want... Do youwant...

Homework: Write a passage to ask for a pen pal.

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