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1.拍照________________ 2.购物_____________________


5.在星期一______________ 6.stay in bed________________

7.一封电子邮件____________ 8.at once _____________

9.集邮 _____________ 10.surf the Internet_____________


1.study(第三人称单数) _______ 2.taking(原形) _______

3.does not(缩略形式) ________ 4.good(副词)______

5.different(反义词) __________


( )1. How many ______do you have in the morning?.

A. lesson B. lessons C. a lesson

( )2. We have four English lessons ______a week..

A. in B. on C. /

( )3. ? ----It’s Sunday.

A. How about you B. What day is it today

C. What’s week

( )4. What’s thirteen ______ sixty? It’s seventy-three.

A. plus B. minus C. times

( )5. Are you take______ medicine?

A. some B. any C. many

( )6. It’s four thirty. Classes ______ over.

A. am B. is C. are

( )7. May I speak to Helen? Yes,

A. I’m Helen. B. This is Helen. C. this is Helen speaking.

( )8. ______ Ben and Tom the same age?

A. Do B. Have C. Are

( )9.My hobby is _______ basketball.

A. play B. plays C. playing

( )10.Uncle Li usually______ to work on foot.

A. go B. goes C. is going

( )11.The students _______ English now.

A. is listening B. are listening C. are listening to ( )12. Does Lucy dance beautifully? Yes, she ______ .

A. does B. doesn’t C. do

( )13. We do not go to school ___ Saturday ___ Sunday.

A. on , and B. on , to C. from , to

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( )14. Does your brother______ ?

A. loudly speak B. speak loud C. speak loudly

( )15. We like ______ TV.

A. watch B. watching C. watching the


( )1.Hello, may I speak to Helen? A. Good idea. ( )2.How much are they? B. Shanghai.

( )3.How many pencils do you have? C. Me, too.

( )4.How are you? D. We are dancing. ( )5.Where are you? E. I want to swim. ( )6.What are you doing there? F. Fine, thank you. ( )7.Let’s go shopping. G. I’m in the garden.

( )8.Where do you live? H. They’re twenty. yuan. ( )9.I like English very much. I. Only five.

( )10.What do you want to do? J. Sorry, wrong number.

五、按要求改写句子,每空填一词。(10分) 对画线部分提问)

______ ______ are they? 对画线部分提问)

______ ______ you feel now?

3. Can you get an orange for me?( 做肯定回答)

_____ ,I _____.

4. I like this big apples.把I改成Nancy)

Nancy ______ this big apples. 对画线部分提问)

What ______ you usually do on Sundays?

6. Does he play well?. (做否定回答)

______,he _____ .



I like ________ flowers.But my sister ________.

She likes __________ __________.


This is the _______ _______ of the new term.


May I ________ _______ Helen?


Mr Green ________ _________ stamps.

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Jim’s Family

It’s nine o’clock in the evening. The family is at home. Jim’s father is sitting in a chair. He’s watching TV. His mother is standing near the window. She’s giving some food( 喂食) to the bird, Polly. Polly says, “Thanks! Thanks!” Where’s Jim? Oh, he’s behind the door. Kate is looking for him. They are playing games. There is no homework on Sunday evening.

( )1、There are _______ people in the family.

A、three B、four C、five

( )2、Who is watching TV in a chair? _______.

A、Jim B、Jim’s mother C、Jim’s father

( )3、Jim and Kate are _______.

A、good friends B、two girls

C、brothers and sisters

( )4、The children_______doing their homework.

A、aren’t B、isn’t C、not

( )5、What’s Kate doing?

A、She’s doing her homework.

B、She’s playing games.

C、She’s looking for a pen.

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