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广州版小学英语三年级Module 6巩固与提高

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Module Six Numbers and shapes

一 看图用表示形状的单词回答问题

(1) What shape is the sun?

(2) What shape is the TV?

(3) What shape is the earth?

(4) What shape is the pyramid?

(5) What shape is the playground?

二 选择句子中的正确单词。

(1) -- (What shape, What) is this?

--A circle.

(2) -- (How, How many) birds are there?

--There are three.

(3) -- (What colour , What) is your bag?

--It's red.

(4) -- (How many, How) are you?

-- I'm fine.

(5) -- (What, Where) is my book?

--On the desk.

(6) -- (Is, Are) they triangles?

--No, they're rectangles.

(7) There (is, are) an apple in the box.

(8) -- (Is, Are) these circles?

--Yes, they are.

(9) There (is, are) six boats on the lake.

(10) --What's (this, these) in English?

--It's a triangle.

三 英汉互译.

(1)三个图形 A.those planes

(2)十八个苹果 B.eighteen apples

(3)十二辆公共汽车 C.many boats

(4)那些飞机 D.three shapes

(5)许多小艇 E.twelve buses

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