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期末 复习卷五--专项

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一.1.Lucy phoned me yesterday.(变成否定句) Lucy _______ _______ me yesterday.

2. There was a boy in th evillage. (改为一般疑问句) _______ ________ a boy in th evillage.

对划线部分问) _________ did you _________ in the picture ? 4.I have got a headache .(用he 改写)

I _______ ________ the Great Wall last week.

5.They didn’t clean their classroom in the aftrnoon.. (改为肯定句)

______ the children ______ a good time in the park? 二. 用所给词的适当形式填空(10)

1. I _______ (not help) my father to cook noodles yesterday.

2. Sam’s grandpa watches TV evey evening. But he ______(not watch) TV last night.

3. My father usually _________ (cook) noodles on Sundays. 4. Look! The girl _______(run) after the dog.

5. When ______ you _______ (come) to China? --- Last week.

6. Do you like______( play) computer games? No, I _______ (do). 7. _______ (be) it very cold today? Yes, it is. But yesterday it _____(be) 三.


1 We go to school by taxi yesterday. ______________ 2 I didn’t my homework yesterday. ______________ 3 They are making cake now. ______________

4 Xiaoming didn’t played football last Sunday. ______________ 5 She is got a fever . ______________ 4 How many biscuits did you ate yesterday. ______________

5 I usually get up at 6:00, but this morning I get up at 7:00. __________


1. They ___________ (not finish) homework yesterday. 2.We _________(have) a big dinner next week.

3.I _______ (have) eight lemon, but my brother _______(have) seven. 4.Mr Green ______ (go)to work by car every day. His children ______ (go) to school by bus.

5.Miss Green ___________ (like)dancing very much. 6.Does Uncle Wang ___________(run) fast ?

7 There _______(be) some oranges on the plate yesterday. 8 They didn’t ________(clean) the house last Saturday. 五.改错,用横线画出,并改正。


1 The man angry . Th magic pen didn’t help him. ______________ 2 She buied a watermelon yesterday. ______________ 3 I ate chocolate biscuit. ______________

4 How many biscuits did you ate yesterday. ______________

5 I usually get up at 6:00, but this morning I get up at 7:00. __________

六. 句型转换(10)

1. She’划线部分提问) _______ _______ she singing?

2. I saw many animals in the zoo last Sunday.(改为一般疑问句) _______you ________ many animals in the zoo last Sunday? 3. I went to school yesterday.( 变为否定句) I _______ _______ to school yesterday.

4.Did you play basketball with them?(作否定回答) _______, I _______.

5.The monster didn’t eat children. (变为肯定句)

The _______ ________children.

七. 用所给词的适当形式填空(10)

1. What _________ the students _________(do) now? They _________ (play) football in the football field. 2. _________ (not draw) on the wall, please.

3. We _________ (make) lots of delicious food. And we_________ (eat) them in the dining-room yesterday evening. 4. She didn’t _________ (hear) the noise clearly. 5. They_________ (take) some photos last year. 6. Look, they _________ (play) in the playground. 八.7. Mary _________ (go) to the cinema every Saturday. 改错,用横线画出,并改正。(10)

1 Jim have a beautiful kite. Do you have one? ______________ 2 -What are they doing? –They is eating. ______________ 3 –Do Sam doing his homework now?–No, he isn’t. ______________ 4 Who can drawing them? ______________ 5 Did Sam went to America last year? ______________

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