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Unit 17 Smile, please! Lesson 33 by Luo 2013.10

Flora and Lucy are good at gymnastics. But Vikki is useless.

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1. 微笑(v.) smile 2. 看 (v.) watch 3.简单的(adj.) easy 4.平衡(v.) balance

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5. 尝试(v.) try 6.也(adv.) as well 7. 擅长(adv.) (be) good at 8. 跪着 on one’s knees

Challenge your eyes 挑战你的眼睛


do try as be good at well as well balance balance easy easy on one’s knees on one’s watch knees be good at smile

1. .take a photo of 给…照相 = take pictures of … Eg: Take a photo on your mobile . 2. smile v. 微笑 smile at/ to sb.对某人微笑。

Eg: She always smiles to us when she sees us . 3.watch v. 看---三单--- watches (电视/比赛) watch TV/ football game

n.手表 ---复数---watches

4. balance v. 保持平衡
Eg: I can balance on the ball. n.平衡 keep balance 保持平衡 5. do v. 做 ---三单--- does ---过去式--- did do homework / housework 6.try v.尝试 --- 过去式---tried try doing sth. 尝试着干某事 . try on sth. 试穿…

7. as well 也 =

too (放在肯定句句末)

Eg: I can speak English as well.
8.easy 简单的容易的--- 反义词---difficult / hard 难的 It’s easy for sb to do sth Eg: It’s easy for Chinese to use chopsticks . 9. on one’s knees 跪着 Eg: I’m on my knees now .

10. be good at… 擅长… = do well in … be useless at … 在某方面差劲 adj. 差劲的,无能的 11. music n. 音乐 (不可数) a piece of music 一首音乐 listen to music 听音乐 12. gym n. 体育馆,健身房 gymnastics n . 体操 gymnast n . 体操运动员

Flora and Lucy can balance on the ball. But Vikki can not. While, Vikki is good at Maths and music. But Lucy and Flora are not.

Vikki is taking a photo for the two girls. Is she using her camera?

Listen to the recording and then answer the question:
1.Who can take photo of Lucy and Flora? 2.Who can balance on knees on a big ball?

3.What can Vikki do well?

FLORA: Watch this, Lucy!
I can balance on this ball!

Can you do it?
LUCY: I can try.

LUCY: Oh, yes! I can balance on a ball as well.

It's easy!
Look at us, Vikki!

FLORA: Look at me now, Lucy! I'm on my knees! Can you balance like this? LUCY: Yes, I can do that, too. It's fun!

FLORA: Come on, Vikki! Can you balance on a big ball like us?

VIKKI: NO, I can't.
You're both good at gymnastics, but I'm useless. I can't do it.


Never mind, Vikki!
You can do Maths and Music and I can't!

I'm useless at Maths.
FLORA: And you can take a photo of us!

Come on!
Take a photo on your mobile.

VIKKI: OK.Ready? One, two, three! Smile, please!

? ? ?




1. Can Flora balance on a ball? Yes, she can. She can balance on a ball. 2. Can Lucy do it? Can she balance on a ball, too? Yes, she can do it. She can balance on a ball, too. 3. Can Vikki balance on a big ball like Flora and Lucy? No, she can’t. She can

’t balance on a big ball like Flora and Lucy





4.Are they good at gymnastics? No, they aren’t. They aren’t good at gymnastics. 5.Is Vikki good at it? Is she useless? No, she isn’t. She isn’t good at it. Yes, she is. She is useless. 6.What can Vikki do? She can do Maths and Music.

7.Is Lucy good at Maths or is she useless at Maths? ? She is useless at Maths. ? 8.Who can take a photo of Flora and Lucy? Can she take it on her mobile? ? Vikki can take a photo of Flora and Lucy. Yes, she can take it on her mobile.



? ?


1. 跪着 2. 擅长做某事 3. 在……上保持平 衡 3. 没关系 4. 给某人照相 5. 用…照相 6.在…方面差劲的


? ? ? ? ?

On one’s knee Be good at… balance on… Never mind. Take photos of … Take photos on… Be useless at…

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