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新概念英语一册 Christine 5月11日

一、 用“in, on ,near填空。

This is a classroom _______a school. The teacher is _______the classroom, and the students are ________ the classroom, too. There is a table ______the room. There are some pencils and some flowers ____ the table. The teacher is ______the table. There are two windows _____ the room. The window ______the left is open, but the window ______the window_____the right is shut. A student is ______the open window. There is a clock______the wall_____the door, and there is a picture ____the wall.

二、 用where, whose, who, what which, what colour或what make 填


1. ______are the tickets? They are in the kitchen.

2. ______is this pen? It’s Anna’s.

3. Give me some magazines, please. _____ones? These?

4. ______is that car? It’s a Volvo.

5. _______is your coat? It’s black.

6. _______ is that young woman? That’s Jane.

7. _______nationality is that man? He’s French.

8. _______is my coat? It’s on your bed.

9. _______are these trousers? They’re my brother’s.

10. _______is there near the window? An armchair.

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