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1,Read and choose(选出划线部分发音不同的单词)

( ) 1) C. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 2, Read and choose(选出含有所给音标发音的单词)

1./ i: /_______ _________ 2./e/________ _________

3./I/________ __________ 4. / /________ __________

3,Read and choose(选出与例句划线部分发音相同的单词)

( ( ( ( (

4, Read and choose(选出划线部分含有所给音标发音的单词)。

( ) 1./a: / A. and B. past C. want

( ) 2./ / ( ) 3./ / ( ) 4./e / ( ) 5./ /


1. It’s ____(a) orange hat. Tom_____(like) it very much.

2. Black is____(she) favourite colour. She has many____(pair) of black socks.

3. Mr. Hatter______(make)hats, but he______(not make )hats now. He is sleeping.

4. Today is the _____(nine) of November. We _______(want) to climb the mountain.

5. How______ your father _____(go) to work?

6. He always_______(wait) on the pavement and ______(not run) on the road.

7. Please_______(cross) the road.

8. There ____(be) a bus stop near my school, but there_____(be not) any underground stations.

9. When ______your sister ____ (leave) home every morning?

10. Miss Greay takes the_______(ten) bus to school.

11. My brother ______(want) to______( be) pilot.

12. That little girl likes_____(sing) .She wants to be a ______(sing) in the future.

13. She ________(be) a dancer. Look! She ______(dance) in the hall.

14. Tom’s mother______(want) ______(he) to be a good teacher.

15. Danny is not afraid of _______(fly).He can _______(fly) an aeroplane .

16. Miss Solis _____(teach) us English. She’s a good _____(teach).

17. –What_____ you want to be. children? -_______(us)want to be doctors.

18. My birthday______(be) on the ____________(thirty) of July.

19. Walk________(quick),but don’t run on the street.

20. _______she often_______(swim) on Sunday afternoon?


1,-When is your birthday? ---It’s _____the 7th of June.

A.on B. at C. in

2.-What is the date today? –It’s September the_____.

A. two B. twenty C. twentieth

3.-______does the party begin? -At five o’clock.

A.Where B. What time C. How

4.My father always______a white shirt.

A. wear B. is wearing C. wears

5.Here is a picture of_____.

A,he B. his C.him

6.I s there ____underground station near your school?

A. a B. an C. the

7.Peter doesn’t walk to school. He _____to school by taxi.

A. come B. go C. goes

8. My father leaves home___half past ten every morning.

A. on B. at C. in

9.That old man walks slowly.He can’t run_____.

A. slow B. quick C. quickly

10.-How do we go to Shanghai?- we go there ______.

A. by air B. often V. with them

11. It’s eight ten now.The school begins at ___.I am late.

A.a quarter to eight B. a quarter past eight C.ten eight

12.The boys stay at the stop for _______minutes.

A.one B.first C. ten

13.Can you see the _____on the pavement?They are doctors.

A.man B. woman C. women

14.Listen!The dog____again.

A.bark B. barks C. is barking

15.The boy is very good at______.

A,sing B.swimming C. dance

16.Excuse me,can I ask ____some questions?

A. they B. their C.them

17.Do you want _______a shop assistant?

A.are B. to are C. to be

18.His parens____sick people.They are doctors.

A. help B. helps C.helping

19.My father works in a factory.He is a good _____.

Apilot B. worker C. doctor

20.-____do you want to be?—I want to be a teacher.

A. What B. Who C. How

21.My mother is a shop assistant .She sells things____people.

A. for B. with C. to

22.-_____________? -I want to be a nurse.

A. What’s your job B. What do you do C. What’s your dream job

23.To be or not to be, this is_____ question.

A.the B. an C.a

24.I don’t know my______brithday. I am so sorry.

A. mother B. parent’s B.mother’s

25.My daughter doesn’t want to be a nurse.She is afraid of_______.

A.sick B. injection C.sick people

26.They go to school ____every day.

A,on foot B. by a bicycle C.on bus

27._______you want to be a pilot, Tom?

A,Do B. Does C. Are

28.Danny wants ____go to the cinema with Jenny.

A,for B.to C,with

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