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小学英语 四年级语法综合卷

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一. 用词的适当形式填空。

1. Listen, the birds are ___________ (sing) in the tree.

2. My mother usually ______ (cook) at 5 o'clock.

3.They often ______ (go) to the library on Sundays.

4. The room is dirty. What ______ you ______ (do) just now?

5. Last week we ______ (have) a race at school.

6. ______ (not) kick the ball,please .

7. That girl can ______ (sing) English songs well.

8.My sister likes _______ (run) very much.

9.He and Daming __________ (fly) a kite tomorrow.

10. My sister _______ (have) a lot of beautiful stamps.

11. Is Yang Ling a _________ (China) girl? No, she isn’t. She’s an

_______(England) girl.

12. Mary is ________ (write) a letter to her friend Fangfang now.

13. We often ______ (buy) fruit in the supermarket.

14. We are _______ (live) in the town now . Where ______(do) she live?

15. I _______ (visit) the farm last Sunday.

16. Helen _______ (pick) many apples on the farm last week.

17. What _____ you _____ yesterday? We ______ our homework.. (do)

18. Helen often ______ (go) to school by bus.

19. What ______ the students _______ (do) now?

They ___________ (play) football in the football field.

20. __________ (not draw) on the wall,please.

21. We ______ (make) lots of delicious food. And we _______ (eat) them in the dining-room yesterday evening.

22. He _________ (read) in the classroom now.

23. Children often _________ (play) in the park on Sundays.

24. Look, they__________ (play) in the playground.

25. Mary ___________ (go) to the cinema every Saturday.

26. She didn’t ________(hear) the noise clearly.

27. They _________ (take) some photos last year.

28. We always __________ (have) lunch at school.

29. Tom _________ (like) Chinese food very much.

30. Listen, Nancy __________ (laugh) in the dining-room.

31. They ___________ (stay) in London for 3 days last year.

32. _______ (do)you ________ (have) a good rest last night? 1

33. I _________(be) a student in 1976. But I _____(be) a teacher now.

34. He __________ (clean) our classroom next week.

35. My mother _______(be) a worker.

36. They__________(do) their homework in the classroom now.

37. Milan _________ (play) the piano every evening.

38、Miss Wang ______ (swim ) every day.

38、I _____(like) English .Tom ______ _______ _______(not like ) English.

39. The moon ______ (go) around the earth.

40. School is over. The pupils can _______ (play) games.

41. He often ________(have) dinner at home.

42. David and Tom _______(be) in Class One.

43. What _______they often _______(do) on Saturdays?

44. _______ (do)your parents _______(read) newspapers every day?

45. The girl _______(teach) us English on Sundays.

46. She and I ________(take) a walk (散步) together every evening.

47. There ________(be) some water in the bottle.

48. Mike _______(like) cooking.

49. They are going to __________(stick) the newspaper together.

50. My aunt _______(look) after her baby carefully.

51. You always _______(do) your homework well.

52. She _______(go) to school from Monday to Friday.

53. Liu Tao _______(do) not like PE.

54. The child often _______(watch) TV in the evening.

55. Su Hai and Su Yang _______(have) eight lessons this term.


1. He ate lots of biscuits yesterday .(一般疑问句)


2. He looks after his little sister every day. (否定句)

He look after his little sister every day.

3. 划线提问)

What _______ she ______ tomorrow?

4. Sam played football in the playground yesterday. (用now改写)

Sam ___________ football in the playground now.


5. The students are cleaning the classroom . (一般疑问句) _________ the students ________ the classroom?

6. I’画线提问)

_________ are you __________ in the playground now?

7. She will fly a kite this Friday. (否定句)

She ________ fly _______ kite this Friday. (画线提问) _________ do _______get up every morning?

9. Sam goes into space .(用yesterday 改写)

Sam _______ ________ space yesterday (画线提问) ________ _______ ________ are there in the picture? 三。改错。画出来,并改正。

1. Jim have a beautiful kite. Do you have one? ________

2. -What are they doing? -They is eating.________

3. -Do Sam doing his homework? -No, he isn't._______

4. Who can drawing them? _______

5. There are many sheeps on the farm.________

6. My mother wears new trousers now._______

7. Let ‘s telling you a story._______

8. He like eating chips and hamburgers very much. _________

9. My mother won’t helping me this weekend. _________

10. Did Sam went to America last year?________

11. We want to visit our teacher on Saturday. ________

12. My cousin Simon don’t live in Los Angeles._________

13. I hear the rain yesterday evening. _________

14. These machines can cut the potatos. _________

15.Does he learn English a week ago? __________

16. Look, the birds singing in the trees. _________

17. The dog usually running along the wall. _________

18.Her father washs his feet every evening. _________

19.It cost three thousand five hundred and twenty yuan. ________

20.What did he do yesterday? He does his homework. _________

21.They will having a rest now._________

22.What did she do next month? __________


1. She always_______(help) people.

2. He can_______ (make) e-cards.

3 . Let’s ______ (go) to the zoo.

4 . There are fifteen ______(boy) in my class.

5 . She doesn’t ______ (like) apples.

6. He likes _______( pear) very much.

7. GaoShan often go 夏天).

8.Tom usually (play) football after school.

9.He will ______ (visit) his grandma in the countryside.

10.My parents ______ (listen) to the radio now .

11.They eat _______(chocolate) every day.

12. He ______ (be) good at English.

13. I _______ (have) eight lemon, but my brother _____(have) seven.

14.Mr Green _________ (go) to work by car every day. His children

_________(go) to school by bus.

15. I like ________ (tradition) Chinese dancing.

16. She is good at ________(swim).

17. My mother is a ________ (teach). She _____ (teach) me English.

18. Yesterday, Lingling ________ ( play) with Sam.

19. How many ________ (peach) are there?

20. He was on the ________ (two) floor.

21. Look! Daming ___________ (run) on the play ground.

22. I want _________ (be) a nurse.

23.Miss Green (do) Uncle Wang run fast?

25. He and his father can 26. Sally _____ (have ) two big eyes.

27. Mr. Li always _____ (speak) English.


29. Do you like __________ (listen) to music?

30. There ________ (be not) a phone in the countryside.

31. Look, Tom is __________ (dance) under the tree.

32. Listen, the girl__________(sing) in the next room.

33. What_____ you _____ (do) now? I__________ (play) cards.

34. The boy can _______ (read) them in English.

35. It’s time __________ (play) the guitar.


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