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四年级下学期期中题 2

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一. 词型转换。(10分)

1.danger(形容词)_______2.potato(复数)___________ 3.violin(同类词)______ 4.break(过去时)_________ 5.four(同音词)________6.knife(复数)____________ 7.children(单数)________8.cheap(反义词)_________ 9.swim(ing形式)_______10.quiet (同义词)________

二. 连词成句。(10分)

1. grass, walk, on, don’t ,the.

____________________________________________ 2. take, it , to , on ,bike, my, can, I ,school.

____________________________________________ 3. don’t ,tell, lies, said, they .

____________________________________________ 4. end, the, at ,everyone, clapped.

____________________________________________ 5. surprise ,party, a, is, it, for, Tom. .


三. 句型转换。(10分)

1. The machine is very dangerous. You can’t touch it.

_________the machines, ___________! 2. Sam played the pipa in classroom.

What ______ he _______ in the classroom? 3. Were you very nervous before the test ?

No, we _______. We _______ very nervous. 4. ________he having a good time now ?

Yes, he _______. He is very happy . 5. Lily went to a concert last week .

_______ did she _______last week? She went to a concert .

四. 选择。(15分)

( )1. Where are you ______? I am from China. A. from B. on C. in ( )2. This machine ______ the potatoes.. A.cut B. cuts C. cutting ( )3. Did you ______ lies before? A. tells B. told C. tell ( )4. Apples are good ________your body. A. to B. with C. for ( )5. Don’t write _______ the books. A. in B. on C. down ( )6. This computer ________ 4350 yuan . A. cost B. costs C. cost’s ( )7. The boy was _______. He ran to the village.

A. bored B. boring C. bore ( )8.He is looking _________a beautiful picture. A. out B. at C. after ( )9.People often _______ after a concert.. A. clap B. clapping C. clapped ( )10.What did you do ____ Mother’s Day? A. on B. at C. in ( )11.He likes playing _____ football at school.. A. the B. \ C. a ( )12.Billy didn’t want _____ sing this song. A. to B. for C. on ( )13.It’s a surprise party________teachers. A. from B. for C. with ( )14.Who is good _____ English? A. for B. at C. to ( )15.They went ______a cinema at that time . A. on B. in C. into

五. 用词的适当形式填空。(10分)

1. We want to _________(listen) to that music .

2. My friends like _______(swim)in the pool . 3. _______(do) he play basketball in the park ? No, he didn’t. He _______(play) tennis. 4. David ______(come)from far away.

5. The girls are_________(take) flowers to garden now. 6. My mother often_______(go) shopping in the

afternoon ,but this morning she _______ (go)to a shop early .

7. Look, everyone is ______(clap) for the music man. 8. When will she ____ (get) up? At seven o’clock .

六. 完型填空。(10分)

This is a photo _______

my family. We

______this photo on ________ Day last year, at that time I ____ thirteen years old. Look, my brother is _____ , my little sister is ______ a song. My father is ______ the piano. My mum is _____. We are _______ a wonderful time. I _____ my family.

1. A. of B.for C. on D. to 2. A. take B. took C. takes D. taking 3. A. mother’s B. Mothers’

C. mothers’ D. Mother’s

4. A. am B. is C. was D. were 5. A. dancing B. dance C. dances D. danced 6. A. sing B. singing C.sing D. sang 7. A. plays B. played C. play D. playing

8. A. clapping B. claps C. clap D. clapped

9. A. had B. having C. has D. have

10. A. loves B. loving C. love D. loved

七. 改错,画出来并改正。(10分)

1. Don’t write into the book, please! ____________

2. It’s easy to making a cake . _____________

3. They said: Don’t tell lie”. ____________

4. She breaked the door and ran away.___________

5. It is a surprise party to teachers. _____________

八. 阅读理解。(10分)

Dear Tara,

Last Sunday, Sam, David and I had a concert at my

home. Sam played the violin. David played the flute. I can’t play instrument. I listened to them. We had a good time. How about you? What did you do? I miss you too. Please write to me soon.

Love from


1. Last Sunday ,they had a _________.

A. party B. concert C. game

2. Sam played the ___________.

A. flute B. violin C. lute(琵琶)

3. Helen __________.

A. played the flute B. played the piano

C. listened to them

4. David played the _________.

A. flute B. piano C. violin

5. Who did Helen write to ?

A. Sam B. Tara C. David

九. 作文,请叙述你们的班规,至少6句话。(15


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