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1. Where ______ you just now? I _______ in the zoo. (be)

2. Listen, the birds ___________ (sing) in the tree.

3. ______ Miss Li ______ (have) a long holiday?

4. My mother usually ______ (cook) at 5 o'clock.

5. What _____ (do) the twins _______ (do) on Sundays? They often ______ (go) to the library.

6. _______ Helen like _______ (swim)?

Yes, she ______. Look, she __________ (swim) now.

7. The room is dirty. What ______ you ______ (do) just now? I ______ (throw) the paper on the floor. (throw---threw)

8. ______ (not) kick the ball.

9. It's the ______ (one)of May.

There are _______ (twelve) students in the playground.

10.Last week we ______ (have) a race at school.


1. _______ (who) comb is this? It's ______ (she), I think.

2. It's 2:00 in the afternoon. The children __________(make) a kite.

3. _______ you often fly a kite? No, we _______. (did)

4. Let ______ (we) go and join _______ (they).

5. That girl can ______ (sing) French songs.

6. What ______ (will) you like as a birthday present?

7. What ______ in the basket? There ______ some apples in it. (be)

8. How many ______ (read) rooms are there in this building?

9. Many ______ (child) like ice creams.

10.My sister likes _______ (run) very much.


1. Miss Li lives on the _______ (two) floor in this building.

2. Is that ______ (her) bike? Yes, it's _____ (her).

3. Ma Ming wants to take some _______ (photo).

4. She _______ (study) English well.

5. He _______ (fly) a kite last Saturday.

6. Mr Green is very _______ (excite).

7. These _______ (people) are looking at the moon now.

8. You're _______ (watch) a match in your school now.

9. Mr ______ is in the _______ car. (black)

10.______ you ______ (play) the violin? No, I can't.


1. ______ the girl like _______ (sit) quietly? Yes, she does.

2. How many _______ (foot) does a monkey have?

3. My sister _______ (have) a lot of beautiful stamps.

4. After school he _______ (help) an old man.

5. Who can help ______ (them) with their English?

6. Yang Ling is a _______ (China) girl.

7. Here are some flowers ______ (four) you.

8. Mary is ________ (write) am e-mail to her friend.

9. He _______ (have) many _________ (strawberry) on the plate.

10.______ he usually have a party at weekends? No, he ______. (do) 填空E.

1. We often ______ (buy) fruit in the supermarket.

2. We are _______ (live) in the town now .

3. I _______ (visit) the farm last Sunday.

4. Helen _______ (pick) many apples on the farm last week.

5. Did you like ______ (milk) cows, Nancy?

6. What _____ you _____ yesterday? We ______ our homework. (do)

7. He ______ (want)to go to the park this week end, but I have no time.

8. Helen often ______ (go) to school by bus.

9. What ______ the students _______ (do) now?

They ___________ (play) football in the football field.

10.Where ______ you a moment ago? I ______ in the reading room. (be) 填空F.

1. __________ (not draw) on the wall.

2. We ______ (make) lots of delicious food. And we _______ (eat) them in the dining-room yesterday evening.

3. Jim is from _______. He speaks ________. (France)

4. My birthday is on the ______ (three) of July.

5. This is _____ (I) wallet, not _____ (he).

6. ______ (who) mirror is it? Is it _____ (your)?

No, it's not ______ (I). I think it is _____ (she) mirror. It's _____ (she).

7. There _____ (be) some orange juice in the bottle.

8. Pass the newspaper to _____ (he). _____ (he) wants to find a job on it.

9. Miss White asks ______ (we) to sing the song.

_____ (we) must follow _____ (she).

10._____ (it) a cat. And these are ______ (it) food.


1. She often_________(have) a rest at noon at home.

2. He _________ (read) in the classroom now.

3. Children often _________ (play) in the park on Sundays.

4. Look, they__________ (play) in the playground.

5. Mary ___________ (go) to the cinema every Saturday.

6. I _________ (watch) TV last night.

7. They _________ (plant) some trees last year.

8. We always __________ (have) lunch at school.

9. Tom _________ (like) Chinese food.

10. Listen, Nancy __________ (laugh) in the dining-room.

11. They ___________ (stay) in London for 3 days last year.

12. _______ (do)you ________ (have) a good rest last night?

13. He ________(have) a fever yesterday, but now he ______(feel)better.

14. Mr. Brown _________(teach) us English last term.

15. Miss Li ________(teach) us English now.

16. I _________(be) a student in 1976.

17. He __________ (clean) our classroom yesterday.

18. My mother _______(be) a worker.

19. They________(do) their homework in the classroom now.

20. Milan _________ (play) the piano every evening.


1. I______to school from Monday to Friday. My brother often_______to school with me. Yesterday we_______to school together. We like________to school very much. ( go )

2. They usually_______lunch at home. But last week, they ____lunch at school. ( have )

3. That______my English book. It_____new. But now it_____not here.It______there a moment ago. ( be )

4. My sister likes________very much. She often _______at our school festival. Last term, she_______a lot of songs in the school hall. She_____beautifully. ( sing )

5. What _____ he usually_______on Sunday? He usually_______his homework. Look! He__________his homework now. _______he _______his homework last Sunday? Yes, he_______. ( do )


1. Jim have a dictionary. Do you have one? ________

2. Kate has an apple. What does you have?________

3. -What are they doing? -They is eating.________

4. -Do Sam doing his homework? -No, he isn't._______

5. The football is under the teachers' desk.________

6. Who can find he? _______

7. Can you fly a kite or to skate?_______

8. There are many sheeps on the farm.________

9. I have many money in my pocket(口袋). _______

10. My schoolbag is new. How about your?_______

11. --Where is Tom? --He is in a books store.________

12. There are 3 peoples in my family._______

13. There are much people in the street._______

14. Don't laugh at I.________

15. My mother wears new trouser today._______

16. He can play the volleyball. _______

17. They don't go to school in sunday. ______

18. He would like go to the supermarket.________

19. How much is the trousers? Fifty yuan.________

20. Shall we listening to music now? Good idea!_______

21. Are there some pictures on the wall?_________

22. How many computers can you look at in the picture?_______

23. There are three windows and a door on the wall._______

24. I ‘d like you to go to the playground with I.________

25. Let me telling you a story._______

26. We ‘re the same ages._______

27. Look, the book is there. Pick up it.________

28 My birthday is on the 18 of April.________

29. Does Ben and his brother like cartoons?______

30. I ‘d like to some balloons for my party. _______

31. Is it yours? No, it isn ‘t mine book. It ‘s his.

32. She isn ‘t as shorter as her sister. ________

33. My father is tall than my mother. ________

34. Who is taller, your or your father? ________

35. Who ‘s ruler is longer, his or hers? ________

36. Is She come from America? _________

37. How can I get the Bank of China? ________

38. Go along this street and the park is at your left._______

39. You can take bus No.3 and get off at the three stop._______

1.What ______ he _____ (have)? He ________ (have) a toy plane.

2、My mother______ not_______ (like) English. She _______ (like) Chinese.

3、_____ you ______ (go ) to school by bus? No, I _____ (go) to school by car.

4、Miss Wang ______ (swim ) every day.

5、I _____(like) English . Tom ______ _______ _______(not like ) English.

6、The moon ______ (go) around the earth.

7.When____ you ____ (go ) to school? I ____ (go) to school at five every day.

8.My mother _________(wash) the plates in the kitchen every day. 9 .________ you ________ (go) to school every day?

10. They often_______ (go) to school at seven.

1.Look, Tom is __________ (dance) under the tree.

2. Listen, the girl__________(sing) in the next room.

3.What_____ you _____ (do) now? I__________ (play) cards.

4 It’s seven o’clock. I _______ (get) up now.

5. The boy can _______ (read) them in English.

6. -May I________ (come) in? – Come in, please.

7. We must ________ (work) hard.

8. Let’s________ (watch) the football game.

9. It’s time __________ (play) the guitar.

10.Mrs Brown needs__________ (see) a doctor.

11. I’d like__________ (go) shopping with my friend.

12. They like________ (take) photos in the park.

13. There_______ (be) some juice and milk in the fridge.

14. I want_________ (write) an e-mail to my English friend.

15. Don’t_________ (talk) in class.

16 Don’t ________ (run) in the school now.

17. Li Lei usually________ (have) supper in the dinning-room.

18. - ____ you_____(do) your homework every day? –Yes, I do.

19. -______ she ______ (do) her homework every day? –Yes, she _____. 20 .Please _________ (have) some oranges.

21. School is over. The pupils can _______ (play) games.

1. He often ________(have) dinner at home.

2. David and Tom _______(be) in Class One.

3. We _______(not watch) TV on Monday.

4. Mike _______(not go) to the zoo on Sunday.

5. ______ they ________(like) the World Cup?

6. What _______they often _______(do) on Saturdays?

7. _______ your parents _______(read) newspapers every day?

8. The girl _______(teach) us English on Sundays.

9. She and I ________(take) a walk together every evening.

10. There ________(be) some water in the bottle.

11. Mike _______(like) cooking.

12. They _______(have) the same hobby.

13. My aunt _______(look) after her baby carefully.

14. You always _______(do) your homework well.

15. I _______(be) ill. I'm staying in bed.

16. She _______(go) to school from Monday to Friday.

17. Liu Tao _______(do) not like PE.

18. The child often _______(watch) TV in the evening.

19. Su Hai and Su Yang _______(have) eight lessons this term.

20. -What day _______(be) it today? - It’s Saturday.


1. David watches TV every evening.(改为否定句)


2. I do my homework every day.(改为一般疑问句,作否定回答)


3. She likes milk.(改为一般疑问句,作肯定回答)


4. Helen likes playing computer games.(改为一般疑问句,作否定回答)


5. We go to school every morning.(改为否定句)


6. He speaks English very well.(改为否定句)

__________________________________________ 对划线部分提问)

__________________________________________ 对划线部分提问)


9. She is always a good student.(改为一般疑问句,作否定回答)


10. Tom and David like going skating.(改为否定句)


11. They are doing housework .(分别改成一般疑问句和否定句)


12.The students are cleaning the classroom . (一般疑问句并作肯定否定回答)



所给词适当形式填空. (单词可重复使用)将答案填在横线上。

play like be go eat don’t

I have a good friend. His name is Tony. He likes football very much, but he basketball. He often football with me. Yesterday we_____ football in the playground. Then we to a restaurant and some

noodles. We very happy. Tomorrow is Saturday, we _____ football ,too. Because we will not have any lessons. Do you football?

Let’s together.

一 词形转换。(20分)

1.short ( 反义词 )________ 2. cheap ( 反义词 )___________

3.glass( 复数 ) __________ 4. mouse ( 复数 )_______

5. come ( 过去式) ___________6. potato( 复数) ___________

7.sheep (过去式)__________8. north ( 同类词 )___________

9. take ( 单三形式 )________ 10. American ( 国家名)_________

1.small( 反义词 )________2. easy ( 反义词 )___________

3.wash( 单三 ) __________ 4. can not ( 缩写形式 )_______

5. break ( 过去式) ___________6. run( 过去式) ___________

7.clap ( 分词)___________8. shelf ( 复数 )___________

9. far ( 反义词 )________ 10. wolf ( 复数 )_________

二. 用所给词适当形式填空。(10分)

1.We are (have) a party now.

2.I (go) to the library yesterday.

3.Will you __________(draws) the pictures?

4.I often (eat) some noodles.

5.Can you ________(come) with me?

6.Is it your (father) birthday today?

7.Tomorrow I (play) football with my friends.

8.Let’s (make ) a newspaper for him.

9.I want (go) to school this afternoon.


1.He ate some bread yesterday .(一般疑问句)

he eat 2. He looks after his little sister every day. (变成将来时)

He his little sister after school.

3. It’s raining.(变成否定句) It raining.

4. 划线提问)

did Sam football yesterday?

5. Are you going to fly a kite ?(肯定回答)


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