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1. Open the door for (I, me) please.

2. Catch (he, him)! He’s a thief.

3. (I ,my,me)love Mickey very much. What about (you, your)?

4. (They, Them,their) are my classmates.

5. Look at (they, them). They are drawing pictures.

6. Are these oranges (their, theirs)?

7. The blue bike is (her, his), not mine.

8. Look at the car. (It’s, Its) colour is black.

9. Your bags are green (their, theirs) are yellow.

10. Their school is in the country. (Our, Ours) school is in the city.


1. Fred is the (short ) in his class .

than my sister's .

in the fridge .

It can run ( fast ) in the world .

5. This zoo is much (good ) than the old one .

7. Who jumps (high ) , a kangaroo or a monkey ?

8、Pizza is(delicious9、(beautiful) than the new queen.Snow White is girl in the world.

10、 today than yesterday.(冷得多)



1.My brother is two years _________ (old) than me.

2. Is your sister _________ (young) than you? Yes,she is.

3. Who is __________ (thin),you or Helen? Helen is.

4. Whose pencil-box is _________ (big),yours or hers? Hers is.

5.Ben jumps ________ (high) than some of the boys in his class.

6.Does Nancy sing __________ (well) than Helen? Yes, she does.

7.My eyes are __________(big) than hers.

8.Which is __________ (heavy),the elephant or the pig?

9.Who gets up ________ (early),Tim or Tom?

10.Do the girls get up_______(early) than the boys? No,they______.


1. ________(我的) sister is going to give _________(他) a dictionary.

2. ________(我们) lived with ________(我们的) grandparents ten years ago.

3._______ (他的) house is beautiful, but _________(你的) is so small.

4.Whose books are these? Are they _______(他们的) or ________(你们的)?

5.Is the balls for __________ (我们) or __________ (他们)?

6.Let __________ (我们) go and see __________ (她).

7.Could you show __________ (我) your new story-book?

8.This pen isn’t __________ (我的). It’s __________ (你的).

9.__________ (她) does __________ (她的) homework from eight to nine.

10.Does __________ (他) often help ___________ (你们)?

Yes, He often comes here and helps __________ (我们).



________ is _________than Jim?


________ is _________ than David?


_________ pencil is _________,______or________?I think is________.


______ apples ______ ________,your _______ or your _______?


_________ _________as _________as your uncle? Yes, I am.


( ) 1. _____ coat is red.

A. My teacher’s B. my teachers’ C. Our teachers’

( ) 2. Are _____ a pupil of Huamei School?

A. you B. your C. we

( ) 3. Which is _____ cup, the green _____ or the blue _____?

A. Kate, one, one B. Kate’s, one, one C. Kate’, or, one 2

( ) 4. There is a picture on the wall over there. Can you see _____?

A. it B. its C. it’s

( ) 5. Are those the _____ houses?

A. farmers’s B. farmers’ C. farmer’

( ) 6. The child____his lessons at eight o’clock.

A.beginning B.begin C.begins.

( ) 7.My brother goes to bed ____than me.

A.late B.lately C.later


1.Shall ________(we) go to the zoo by bus or by bike?

2.Ms Ding teaches _______(we) maths.

3.Bob loves _______(he) mother very much.

4.Do they know ________ (they) new teacher?

5.________(we) new model plane can fly very high.

6. I have a lovely cat, ______ (it) name is Carl.

7. Jim is a very good boy. We all like ______(he).

8.The boy under the tree is Henry. This is _______ (he) bike.

9.She doesn’t like _______(she) new dress at all. Who bought (买) it for ______(she)?

10.Who is the man over there? ________ is _______ (we) headmaster.


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