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( ) 1. Who’s ___________math teacher?

A. you B. your C. yours

( ) 2. What is ___________like?

A. him B. he C. his

( ) 3. Mr. Carter is_______ English teacher.

A. a B. these C. an

( ) 4.__________strong? Yes, he is.

A. is he B. Is his C. Is he

( ) 5 Who is that__________ ? Oh, she is ___________principal.

A lady; our B. man; our C. boy; our

( )6.This is ___ university student..

A 、 an B、 a C、 不填

( )7._____funny? Yes, she is.

A 、Is he B、 Who’s C、 Is she

( )8. What ____ is it today?

A、today B. day C、it

( )9. Today ___ Friday.

A. is B. are C、am

( )10. We ___English, math and P.E.

A have B has C、are

( )11. What do you do ___ Sundays?

A. on B. in C、for

( )12 Sunday is fun _____ me.

A on B for C、to

( )13 It’s time ____ get up

A. to B B for C、in

( )14.如果你想说:“他的课很有趣”,应该说:( )

A. He is very funny.

B. His class is so much fun.

C. He is very active.

( )15.如果你想问:他是你的新数学老师吗?”应该说:( )

A. Is she your math teacher?

B. He is your new math teacher.

C. Is he your new math teacher?

( )16.对你听到的话表示惊奇,应该说:( )

A. Let me try.

B. You are welcome.

C. Really? Cool!


1. he, new, your, Is, teacher, Chinese


2. is, very, and, active, She, short

________________________________________________. Unit One My New Teacher

3. a, Our, is, new, student, music, university, teacher


4. is, lady, that, old, Who


5. your, art, funny, Is, teacher, very



( ) Yes, he is. And he is funny, too.

( ) Really? What is he like?

( ) Is he strict?

( ) I have a new P.E. teacher.

( ) He is tall and strong..


My name is Amy. I go to school from Monday to Friday. Every morning I get up at 6:30. I have four classes in the morning and two in the afternoon. We have English, math and science on Monday morning. I like Fridays very much, because I have P.E class and I can watch TV on that day.

( )1. Amy gets up at 6:30.

( )2 Amy has five classes every day.

( )3. Amy likes math very much.

( )4. Amy likes Saturdays.

( )5. Amy has English, math and science on Monday morning

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