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一、选出划线部分读音与给出的音标不同的一个。(10分) ( ) 1. / i: / A. tree B. beat C. tea D. Red ( ) 2. / i / A. pig B. bike C. dish D. pink ( ) 3. / e / A. get B. me C. bed D. seven ( )7.Walk straight _____three minutes.

A atB and C for

( )8. _____ Sunday, I’m going to the zoo ____ subway.

A. On, on B. On, by C. In, at ( )9. Her father is _______ TV now.

A watching B going to watch C go to watch ( )10._____can I get to pet school? A. How B. what C.Where

( ) 11. 当你想知道对方打算做什么,,应该怎么问:()

( ) 4. / ei/ A. plane B. makeC. faceD. apple ( ) 5. /ɑ: / A.fat B. car C.cardD.far


A. B. C. D. E.

F. G. I. J. H.

1.hospital ( ) 2.school ( ) 3.on foot.( ) 4.by bus ( ) 5.dictionary ( ) 6.newspaper ( ) 7.post office ( ) 8.cinema ( ) 9.by bike ( )10.by subway. ( )


( )1、——Where is the cinema?——It’s next ________ the hospital. A on B to C in

( )2、Turn right ________ the bookstore. A on B at C to

( )3、——Where is the post office?

——It’s west ________ the science museum. A of B at C to

( )4、What are you going to do on the weekend? . A I’m going by train. B It’s next to the shoe store. C I’m going to read a magazine.

( )5、________ are you going? This evening. A Where B When C What

( )6、It’s not far _______here.A to B at C from

A. What are you going to do ? B. What do you do ? ( ) 12. 当你不知道医院在哪儿,,应该问: () A. Where is the hospital, please ?

B. How can I get the hospital, please? ( ) 13. 下午碰到熟人怎么打招呼: ()

A. Bye . B. Good afternoon . ( ) 14. 当对方说谢谢的时候,你应该怎么回答: ()

A. No,thanks. B. You’re welcome .

( ) 15. 当你邀请别人下午一起去公园,应该说: () A. How do you go to the park ?

B. Let`s go to the park this afternoon.

四、读一读,找出合适的答语。(10分) ( )1. What are you going to do ? ( )2. When are you going ? ( )3. Where are you going ?

( )4. How do you go to the zoo ? ( )5. Are you going to the library ?

A. By train.

B. I’m going to take a trip. C. Yes ,we are.

D. I’m going at 3 0’clock. E. I’m going to Beijing.


1、are Where this you going afternoon?



2、next It’s the to hospital .


3、are to We watch going TV .


4、How you do there go ?


5、at light Stop red a .



1.He usually _______(get) up at 7:00 in the morning.

2. Look, the rabbit is __________ ( jump) on the grass.

3. She is going to _____(read) amagazine this afternoon.

4. We ___________ (do) morning exercises now.

5. I can ________ (play) football.


at in with from on

1. I am going to the cinema _________my friend.

2. ________ Monday ,I am going to play football.

3. Is it far ________here?

4. What are you going to do_________theevening.

5. I’m reading__________at school.


A: What are you ________ to do ________ school?

B: I ____to buy some post cards. ______is the post office?

A: It’s ________ to the hospital.

B: How can I ________ to the hospital?

A: You can go ________ the No. 301 bus. Get ________ at the cinema. Then walk straight ________ three minutes. The __________ is on the left.

B: Thank you.

A: You’re welcome.

九、阅读短文,判断下列句子的正误。(10分) Hi! I’m Liu Yun. I’m going to have a busy weekend! On Saturday, I'm going to the bookstore by subway. I’m going to buy a new CD and some story books. On Sunday, I’m going to go home and read the new books. On Sunday, I’m going to the supermarket with my mother. We’re going after lunch. Then, in the evening, I’m going to visit my aunt. We are going to watch TV together. That will be fun! What about you? What are you going to do on the weekend? ( )1. Liu Yun is going to buy a dictionary on Saturday. ( )2. On Sunday,Liu Yun is going to the supermarket with her mother. ( )3. She is going to go home at five o’clock on Sunday. ( )4. She is going to visit my aunt after lunch. ( )5. She is going to have a busy weekend.

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