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Last summer holiday, the weather was very very hot. But some times it was rainy. I went to Hong Kong with my parents. We went to there by air .We got to Hong Kong soon. When we got to there .We were very excited . There were many tall buildings and different things there .The air was fresh . The street was clean . There was no rubbish here .We watched very happy . I'd departured from Thailand by Thai Airline, the destination is Hong Kong. It's landed about 11:45 am at there, then I was checked in to Park Hotel. After that, I was waiting a time to going to Hong Kong Colesium. Hey! I know you have a question, which I will going to Hong Kong Colesium for what?

It's my wonderful memories because I had a chance to went to Disneyland. It's a Magical land in my opinion. First of all, I went to Wang Ta Sin Temple, the most popular temple in Hong Kong. OK! I will let you to adventure in A Magical Land of me. On Afternoon, I went to Disneyland, the weather is a little bit cool because of raining. Anyway, I'm very like it, it made me felt surprising!

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