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1、he(宾格) 2、us(主格)3、do(否定形式) 4、some(同义词5、watch(复数 6、there(同音词)

7、Nancy(所有格) 8、yes(反义词)二、英汉互译

1、许多 2、看一看

3、在学校 4、一幢新大楼

5、阅览室 6、四间卧室

7、在门后面 8、她的父母

9、一张世界地图 10、居住


( )1、There an apple and a banana on the table.

A. are B. is C.am

( )2、 A .there is B.there isn’t C. there are

( )4、How many are there in your school?

A. classroom B.classrooms C. a classrooe

( )5、All the are in the office.

A. teacher B. teachers C. a teacher

( )6、There some swings and a slide in the park.

A. is B. am C.are

( )7、There is a toliet the building.

A. in B.on C.at

( )8、There some bread on the plate.

A. are B. is C.am

( )9、Shall go and have a look.

A. us B. he C.we

( )10、There are some cars the street.

A. in B.on C.at

( )11、There is a bed the window.

A. near B. in C.on

( )12、They are happy each other again.

A. see B. seeing C. to see

( )13、Is brother at home? Yes, is.

A. you he B. her he C. he his

( )14、It is the first day of the new term.

A. at B. of C.for

( )15、--Where are the javkets? -- on the bed.

A. It’s B.There are C.They are



2、3、(some)umbrellas under the desk.

4、It is the (one)day of the new term.

5、(read)room in my school.

6、LiuTao’s and Tom’7、(I) see.


( )1、What’s your name? A、There are four.

( )2、Are there any flowers? B、I’m not sure.

( )3、What would you like? C、Helen

( )4、How many boys are there? D、No,there aren’t

( )5、Is there a slide? E、Some apples,please.



—— there a swing the ?

——Yes, .

2、Yang Ling和她的父母居住在一个新的房子里。

Yang Ling and parents .


There umbrella 4、滑梯上有多少个女孩?有三个

How are there the slide?

There are 七、按要求改写句子。

1、There is a panda in the zoo(改为一般疑问句。并作否定回答)

2 、There are some crayons on the table.(改为否定句)

3 、对划线部分提问)

4、There is one building in our school.( 对划线部分提问)


There are three trees near the twins’ house.There is one big tree and two small trees. In tree there is a bird.Can the bird sing?yes,it can.What’s that near the big tree?It’s a cat. “I want(想) some food(食物).”thinks(想) the cat.

“Bird, come here ,and it’s time for tea.”says the cat.

“No today,thank you.” Says the bird, “You can’t catch(捉住) me today. Good bye!” ( )1、There are small trees near the house.

A.two B. three C.many

( )2、There is a bird .

A. in the small tree B. on the small tree C.in the big tree D.on the big tree

the big

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