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二年级牛津英语Oxford English 2A 2A-M1~M4 TEST

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Class______Name______ Test No._______


I. Listen and circle(圈出听到的单词) 8%

1. A . ferry B. fly 2. A. pencil B. pizza

3. A. nice B. dance 4. A. egg B. eight

5. A. come B. some 6. A. bus B. taxi

7. A. road B. read 8. A. bike B. biscuit

II. Listen and circle (圈出听到的句子) 10%

1.A. This is a cat. B. That’s a cake.

2. A. Is that Ben’s father ? B. Is this Ben’s brother

3. A. Happy birthday! B. Happy New Year!

4. A. Draw a bag on the paper. B. Draw a bed on the paper.

5. A. Does Peter like to swim? B. Does Peter like to sleep? III. Listen and number(听音, 给下列单词编号) 8% mooncake van bin write

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

sleep noodles clean water

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

IV. Listen and circle( 听音,圈出与听到单词的同类词)5%

1. cake strawberry juice

2. bed pink run

3. fine car I

4. duck teacher desk

5. zoo tree kite

V. Listen and number (听音, 给下列句子编号)8%

( )Where are you going ,Sam?

( )By ferry.

( )To Jingmao Building.

( )Come and go with me.

( )How do you go there?

( )OK.

( )Look! The ferry is coming.

( )Hurry up!

VI. Listen and choose(听音, 选出正确的应答句)6% 1 A. I’m at the bus-stop.

B. It’s a bus-stop.

2. A. I go by taxi.

B. That’s a taxi.

3. A.I like to play.

B. She likes to play.

4. A. Yes, here you are.

B. No, thank you.

5. A . I like dogs.

B. I like ice-creams.

6. A. Yes, I love Shanghai.

B. Yes, I live in Shanghai.


I. 默写26个大小写字母:26%

_________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ II. 选出正确的单词填入横线上:8%

1. I live______(on, in )Shanghai.

2. Where ______( do ,are)you live?

3. The boys are waiting_______(to, for) the train.

4. Have ________(a, an)orange, please.

5. I haven’t got________(any, some) water.

6.Oh, the car is coming. Get______(off, in )the car.

7.I go to school ________(at, by) bike.

8. Come and play_______(with, and) me.

III. 圈出不同类的单词8%

1. boat plane ship ferry

2. draw write juice read

3. I you he me

4. desk table floor chair

IV. Choice (将正确答案的字母写在前面的括号里) 5% ( )1. There is______orange______the table.

A. an…to B. a…on C. an…on

( ) 2. I see____my___.

A. with …eyes B. in…eyes C. with…eye

( )3. This _____my grandfather. He is_____.

A. is…old B. are…good C. are…old

( )4. Let’s go to Hangzhou_______train.

A. on B.by C. in

( )5. May I______some milk?

A. has B. had C. have

V. Read and judge((阅读短文并判断,正确的用“√”不正确的用“ X ”8%

Tony is a boy. He lives in Shanghai. He’s nine years old. He’s not tall. But( 但是 )he’s fat. He likes to play football and read books. Tom is his friend. Tony often ( 经常 ) plays football with Tom. They’re happy.

( )1. Tony lives in Shanghai.

( )2. Tony is short and fat.

( )3. Tom and Tony are friends.

( )4. Tony can play basketball

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