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Chapter 1

Body language


In our daily life, we often communicate with other people. How many ways of communication can you think out?

Spoken language

Written language

Body language

Body language

Look at some more facial expressions and tell their meanings.







disappointed senior

adj. 失望的 adj. 级别(或地位)高的

body language impression

n. 职工;雇员
肢体语言 n. 印象

sigh gesture remind

v. 叹气 n. 手势;姿势;示意动作 v. 提醒


n. 代理;中介

travel agency 旅行社 part-time well-dressed glance adj. 兼职的 adj. 穿着考究的 v. 瞥一眼;匆匆一看;扫视 v. 和(某人)打招呼(或问 好);欢迎;迎接



n. 讲话;说话

rest contact

n. 外貌;外观
v. 靠;倚 n. 接触;联系

eye contact

n. 犹豫;迟疑不决

Match the words and phrases with their meanings.
1. body language 2. well-dressed 3. senior 4. rest 5. impression 6. remind a. having a lot of experience and responsibility at work b. help someone remember something c. be on or against something for support d. communicating by moving your body, not by words e. a feeling or an opinion about someone or something f. wearing nice clothes

?学会阅读叙述性的文章,了解 叙述性文章的特点。 ?掌握课文中的新词汇及短语。 ?了解身体语言的含义。 ?学会运用What’s up? What sort / kind of…?

? Please look at the title , the introduction, the photo and answer the following questions:

? Please describe these three people in the picture.

1. What is the main topic of the story? Body language. 2. Where are Debbie and Simon? They are at work, in the office of a travel agency. 3. In the picture, which person looks friendliest? Debbie. friend-friendly friendship

听故事,并将下列事件正确排序。 a. Mr Young said that body language is 4 important. ____ b. The lady walked over to Debbie instead of Simon. ____ 2 c. Simon began to sit up and smile. ____ 6 d. A well-dressed lady entered the travel agency. ____ 1 e. Simon’s sister came to remind him of her birthday. ____ 7 3 f. Simon sighed. ____ g. Mr Young said that Simon looked down and never smiled. ____ 5

? Read the story again and answer the questions on page 5


? Please pick out the dialogue of these three people and act out

1. Debbie and Simon looked up as a welldressed lady entered. 1) look up “抬起头”,当意义为“查 询……”时,为短语动词,代词作其宾 语置于中间 If you don’t know the words, look them up in an English-Chinese dictionary. 如果你不认识这些单词,查一下英汉 词典。

Guess the meaning of the following phrases. look like look after look for look forward to look over look out look out of 看上去像 照

顾 寻找 期望做…… 检查(身体) 当心 向……外看

2) enter = come / go into 进入

The boss entered the building quickly.

enter还可以表示“进入(比赛)= take part in” A lot of students entered the speech quickly.

3) as 在此表示“当……的时候”与 when / while 用法基本相同,但它更强 调两个动作同时发生,表示“一边 (做)……一边(做)……” The girl sang as she danced.


2. The lady glanced at them both, and then walked over to Debbie. 1) glance at = look at… quickly 瞥一眼 2) both在此作them的同位语,表示他们 两人。 glance at them both = look at both of them quickly

3. What’s up, Simon? What’s up? = What’s wrong? = What’s the matter? 用来询问“……怎么了”,“出什么毛 病了”等。可跟介词with,表示某人/物 怎么了。 What’s wrong with you? 你怎么了?

4. The customers always prefer Debbie to me. = The customer always like Debbie better than me. prefer… to…中to为介词,因此有 prefer sth. to sth. doing sth. to doing sth. 比起干某事更喜欢干另一件事 I prefer going out to staying at home. 我宁愿外出也不愿待在家里。

prefer to do rather than do.
would rather do than do.

I prefer to go out rather than stay at home. I would rather go out than stay at home.

5. Speech is not the only way we communicate. 1) speech n. 讲话,说话 Speech is silver, but silence is gold. 缄默胜于善辩。 His speech was cheered by the audience. 他的演说博得听众的喝彩。 [拓展] a man of rapid / slow speech 口齿流利 / 迟钝的人 deliver / make a speech 演说

2) we communicate 是定语从句, 修饰 先行词 the only way。这里省略了关系 代词 that。如:
I don’t like the way he gets dressed. 我不喜欢他的打扮方式。

6. After that, Simon decided to improve his body language. decide to do sth. 决定去做某事 = make a decision to do sth. = decide on doing sth. = make up one’s mind to do sth. I decide to improve my English. = I make a decision to improve my English. = I decide on improving my English = I make up my mind to improve my English. 我决定提高我的英语水平。

7. Without hesitation, she went to Simon and gave him a big smile. 1) without + 名词/doing sth. 表伴随的“未 经… …, 若没有… …”,如: Without your help, I can’t finish it so quickly. 没有你的帮助,我不可能完成得这么快。 Without (having) breakfast, he went to school. 他没有吃早饭,就去学校了。

2) without hesitation “毫不犹豫地”,在句中作状语,可以放在 句首也可以放在句末。 She agreed without the slightest hesitation. 她毫不犹豫地答应了。 3) hesitation n. 犹豫;迟疑不决 Without a moment’s hesitation, he j

umped into the river. 他毫不犹豫地跳进了河里。 4) hesitate v. 犹豫;踌躇 He didn’t hesitate to ask her to sit beside him. 他毫不犹豫地请她坐在他的身旁。

8. She came to remind me that tomorrow is her birthday and she wanted to have lunch with me. remind v. 使想起,提醒; remind sb. to do sth. 提醒某人做某事 Please remind me that I must call her up before nine. 请提醒我九点前给她打个电话。 Please remind me to leave her this note. 请提醒我把这张纸条留给她。 [拓展]remind sb. of sth. 使某人想起某事 This house reminds me of the one I lived in when I was a child. 这房子让我想起了我小时候 住过的一个房子。

Use the words to complete the conversations.
part-time sighed speech gestures appearance without hesitation 1. Don: How did you know Judy was disappointed at the news? sighed Ann: She _______. 2. Don: What does your sister do? Ann: She is a singer. She takes great appearance care of her __________.

3. Don: Was it difficult to make Peter agree with you? without hesitation Ann: No. He agreed ________________. part-time 4. Don: I’m going to work as a _________ waiter during the summer holidays. Ann: Really? When and where will you work? Don: At the Star Restaurant, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Monday and Wednesday.

5. Don: How do people who cannot speak

understand one another? gestures Ann: They use _______ to communicate. 6. Don: Are some birds able to speak?
Ann: Not really. Human beings are the

only animals with the power of speech ______. Birds just repeat what
they hear.

gesture speech rest hesitation remind impression appearance

speech 1. Dr Wang will make a _______ in the hall of our college this afternoon. remind 2. Please ________ him not to watch TV too much. 3. Have you got any impression on Tom? _________

4. He left the classroom without hesitation because he was very angry. ________ 5. You should pay more attention to appearance your __________. gestures 6. The dumb (哑巴) use ________ to make communication. 7. Fenny _____ her head on her mother’s rested shoulder.

disappointed adj.

disappointing adj.

disappoint vt.

disappointment n.

Translate the following sentences. 1. disappoint, 作为及物动词,意为“使失 望”。 The movie disappointed us. 这部电影让我们失望。 我不想使你扫兴,但我确实不感兴趣。 I hate to disappoint you, but I’m just not interested.

2. disappointed 和disappointing作形容词, 可作定语和表语,但两者的意义不同。前 者意为“失望的”,后者意为“令人失望 的”。 天气糟糕,吃的又不好。这个假期真是令 人失望。 The weather was awful and the food was bad. The holiday was really disappointing. 你的老师对比赛结果很失望吗? Is your teacher very disappointed at the result of the match?

3. disappointment作不可数名词,意为“失

望”;作可数名词,意为“令人失望的人 或事物”。 To Mary’s disappointment, her mother didn’t agree to buy her that skirt.
使玛丽失望的是她妈妈不同意给她买那条 裙子。 格林先生的孩子让他感到失望。 Mr Green’s child is a great disappointment to him.

Translation. 1. 多么令人失望的消息! What disappointing news it is! ________________________________ 2. 迈克的父母对他很失望。 Mike’s parents are very disappointed ________________________________ with him. ________________________

3. 很抱歉使你失望了。
I’m sorry to disappoint you. ________________________

4. 令西蒙失望的是黛比没有参加晚会。
To Simon’s disappointment, Debbie __________________________________ didn’t go to the evening party. ________________________________

根据句意及汉语提示填写单词,使下列句 子完整。
1. After the summer vacation, we’ll go to ______ senior (级别高的)middle school. agency 2. My mother went to a travel ______ (中介)to ask for some information about travelling to Hong Kong. 3. Don’t _____ (靠) your bike against the wall. rest speech 4. We can express our thoughts by ______(说话). showed 5. When I visited Mary yesterday, she ________ (展现)me all her photos taken in Shanghai.

根据句意用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。 disappointed 1. Are you ____________ (disappointment) at the new film Let the Bullets Fly. 2. The new boss is very kind to his employees ________ (employee). 3. The guard at the school gate alwaysgreets _____ (greet) us by shouting “Hello”. 4. He jumped out of his bed, glanced (glance) ______ at his watch and hurried out.


1. 妈妈很高兴我给她的朋友留下了好印象。 made a good Mum was glad that I _____ __ _____ impression __________ on her friends. 2. 听到马路上传来的叫喊声,南希马上冲 出了房间。 Hearing the shout from the street, Nancy rushed out of the room _____ _______ at once

3. 今年暑假,迪克将在这家饭店做兼职。 part-time job Dick will have a _________ ______ at this restaurant this summer vacation. 4. 她在不停地看表以提醒她的丈夫注意时 间。 remind She kept looking at her watch to ______ of her husband _____ the time. 5. 你知道王叔叔是干什么的吗? what does Do you know ______ Uncle Wang ______?

单项选择。 1. What you said reminds me ___ my grandpa and it also reminds me ____ visit him next vacation. A. of; to B. that; to C. to; of D. of; that 2. –- you’re well-dressed today. --- thank you. I want to ___ a good impression ____ the new teammates. A. give; on B. make; on C. make; to D. give; to

4. He heard a big noise and ____ at the sky. A. looked up B. look up C. looked out D. look out 5. --What about going shopping with me? --Sorry, I prefer _____ to ____. A. staying at home; go out B. to go out; staying at home C. staying at home; go

ing out D. going out, staying at home

1. look up 2. enter = come / go into; enter = take part in 3. as 表示“当……的时候”与 when/ while 用 法基本相同,但更强调两个动作同时发生. 4. glance at = look at … quickly 5. What’s up? 6. prefer sth. to sth. / prefer doing sth. to doing sth. / prefer to do rather than do. 7. decide to do sth. 决定去做某事 8. without + 名词 / doing sth. without hesitation 毫不犹豫地 9. remind sb. to do sth. 提醒某人做某事

Write a short passage to describe the picture on Page 3.

Who When What How


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