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my favourite sport

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My favourite sport

Look! There are two tyres, some tubes and a bell. What’s it? It’s a bicycle. I like riding bicycle very much.

“Jingle…… Jingle……”Accompanied by cheerful sound of the bell, I come to ride bicycle again. I always ride bicycle on weekends and I hadn’t never ridden bicycle by the weekends. I like drag racing, so I usually ride the bicycle very fast. But sometimes I ride the bicycle like a snail, because many people are in front of me. I need to ring the bell to tell them to get out of the way. In the area, I can see more beautiful scenery when I am riding a bicycle. Near the lake, there are some willows. When the wind blows, the branch floating in the wind, so pretty! I like the scenery very much.

Sports can let us be healthy, as riding a bicycle can let me be stronger and stronger. I must say: I like riding bicycle very much! I like sports, too!

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