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Module 5 (2) There are too many books on the desk .导学案

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华文学校导学案(第11号) 年级 五年级 主备人 赵颖 审核人 刘传江 姓名

课题 Module 5 (2) There are too many books on the desk .

一、 自主学习:

1、 学习目标(重、难点):

知识目标:1、学习句型:There are too many books on the desk..


能力目标:能运用句型There are too many----描述生活中的某些现象。 情感目标:培养学生英语口语表达能力,鼓动他们用英语描述生活中遇到的问题。

2、 自学指导:


1.Please put _______ (they , them ) on the desk .

2.Please give _______(out ,off ) the pencil .

3.There are too _______(many ,much ) apples .

3、 分组合作探究:

1. There are too many books on the desk .桌子上的书太多了 too many 太多。表示已经远远超过需要了。

例句:There are too many apples in the bag .包里的苹果太多了

2. Who put them on it ?谁把它们放上去的?

put them on 把它们放进去 them 是代词,要放在put on 中间

二、 学生展示:

三、 学习检测:

1、 基础题:


1.give out _________2.how many ________3.be careful ________4.在袋子里___________5.在椅子上_______

2、 综合题:

1. We’ve ____enough pencils for you .

A. get B. got C . gets

2. Please give _____the books .

A.off B. of C .out

3. There are too _____ people in the bus .

A .many B . much C. any

4. There _____a book and two boxes on the desk .

A. an B. is C .are

5. This is ____bag ,that one is _______.

A. her,his B . hers ,his C. his ,her

四、 小结反思:

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