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Class _____ ____ No. ______ Score __________

Ⅰ. 写出下列单词的比较级和最高级(10%)

比较级 最高级 比较级 最高级 1. lazy _________ _________ 2. long ________ _________ 3. high _________ _________ 4. big ________ _________ 5. weak _________ _________ 6. slow ________ _________ 7. fat _________ _________ 8. new ________ _________ 9. old _________ _________ 10. heavy ________ _________

Ⅱ. 词组英汉互译。(20%)

1. 长江 ___________ 2. Yellow River ___________ 3. 在中国 ___________ 4. in the world ___________ 5. 最大的城市 ___________ 6. Splendid China ___________ 7. 海南岛 ___________ 8. the water festival ___________ 9. 学习勤奋 ___________ 10. a map of China ___________ Ⅲ. 选择填空:(20%)

1. What’s the name ____ this place?

A. on B. at C. for D. of 2. Which country _____this flag?

A. has B. have C. had D. is

3. The ________ river in China is Changjiang River. A. long B. longer C. longest D. more long 4. The giraffe is the ________ animal in the world. A. heaviest B. smallest C. tallest D. biggest 5. Who is ________, Tim or Tom?

A. strong B. stronger C. strongest D. more stronger 6. Who is the _________ in our class?

A. clever B. cleverer C. cleverest D. more clever 7. Be quick. It’s time _____ lunch. A. for B. to C. of D. in

8. Israel has that name because it has _____ salt. A. too B. too many C. too much D. many

9. You can enjoy the food ______ all over china in China’s Folk Cultrue Villages. A. in B. of C. from D. to

10. The Great Wall is ________ Wall in the world.. A. longest B. the longest C. long D. longer

Ⅳ. Choose the best answers. (10%)

选择最佳的问句或答句。 1. What is the highest mountain in the world? ----- ______.

A. Huangshan Mountain. B. Mount Qomolangma C. Potala Palace.

2.What is the biggest model park in the world?

A.Splendid China

B. China’s Fold Culture Villages C. Potala Palace.

3. ________?


A. What’s the name of this city? B. What’s the name of this country? C. Which is the smallest city in China?

4. ______________?

------Candy is the fastest.

A. Who is fast? B. Who is faster? C. Who is the fastest?

5. ______________? ------- It’s Sept. 10.

A. What’s the weather like today? B. What is the date today? C. What day is it today?

Ⅴ. 阅读理解。(20%)

1. 判断正误。( T or F ) China is a beautiful country. There are two big rivers in China, the Changjiang River and the Yellow River. Yellow River is very long. But Changjing River is longer than it. It’s the longest river in China. Beijing is the capital of China. It’s a big and old city. In Beijing, you can see the longest wall in the world –the Great Wall. You can climb the wall. It’s tired but exciting. ( ) A. The Yellow River is longer than the Changjiang River. ( ) B. Beijing is a city.

( ) C. The Great Wall is in Beijing. ( ) D. The Great Wall is short.

( ) E. The Great Wall is the longest wall in China.

2. 根据内容回答问题。

There is a new park near my house. It’s a fine day today. My family and I are in the park now. On my left, there is a cafe. On my right, there is a big lake. There are many flowers and trees near the lake. There’s a small hill behind the lake. Near the lake, there is a sign. It says, “Don’t swim in the lake!” There is a playground in the middle of the park. There are some small shops near the gate. The park is so beautiful. We like it very much.

A. Where is the new park? ______________________________________.

B. What’s the weather like today? ______________________________

C. Is there a café in the park? ________________________________

D. What’s behind the lake?_____________________________________

E. Are there any shops near the gate? ___________________________


e.g. Splendid China is the biggest model park in the world.

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