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一. 词汇

Unit 1学习文具:pen (钢笔) pencil (铅笔) pencil-box ( 铅笔盒) ruler(尺子)

eraser(橡皮) crayon (蜡笔) book (书) bag (书包) no(不) your(你的) Unit 2颜色:red (红色的) yellow (黄色的) green (绿色的) blue (蓝色的) purple (紫色的)

white (白色的) black (黑色的) orange (橙色的) pink (粉色的) brown (棕色的) ok

好,行 mum 妈妈

Unit 3身体部位:head (头) face( 脸) nose (鼻子) mouth (嘴) eye (眼睛) leg (腿)

ear (耳朵) arm (胳膊) leg (腿) foot (脚) body (身体) school (学校)

Unit 4动物:cat (猫) dog (狗) monkey (猴子) panda (熊猫) duck (鸭子) pig (猪) bird

(鸟) bear (熊) elephant (大象) tiger( 老虎) zoo(动物园)funny(滑稽的,好笑的)

Unit 5食物:cake (蛋糕) bread (面包) juice (果汁) milk (牛奶) water (水)

egg(蛋) fish(鱼) rice(米饭)

Unit 6数字:one (一) two (二) three (三) four (四) five (五) six( 六) seven (七)

eight (八) nine( 九) ten( 十) brother(兄,弟)plate(盘子)

Letters and sounds 词汇

apple (苹果) ant (蚂蚁) book (书) bag (书包)cat (猫) crayon(蜡笔)dog( 狗) duck (鸭子)

egg (蛋) elephant (大象)face (脸) foot (脚)green (绿色)gift ( 礼物)hand (手) hi (打招呼,嗨)

ice cream (冰淇淋) ice (冰)jeep (吉普车) jump (跳)kite (风筝) Kate (女名,凯特)leg (腿)

long (长的)mum (妈妈) milk (牛奶)nose (鼻子) noodles (面条)on (在上面) orange (桔子)

pig (猪) pen (钢笔)queen (女王) quiet (安静)rice (米饭) red (红色)Sarah (女名,萨拉) six (六)

tiger (老虎) ten (十)umbrella (伞) under (在下面)vet ( 兽医) vest (背心)wet ( 湿的)

water (水)box (盒子) fox (狐狸)yellow (黄色) yo-yo (溜溜球)zoo (动物园) Zip (松鼠名字)

二. 牢记下面的对话,会让你的英语说得更棒!( A是上句,B是答句)

Unit 1

1、向别人问好应该说――A: Hello! (你好!) B: Hi! (你好!)

2、问别人的名字应该说-――A:What’s your name? 你叫什么名字?

B:My name’s Chen Jie.我的名字是陈洁。

3、跟别人分手应该说――A: Bye.\ Good bye!(再见) B: See you.(再见) \ Goodbye.(再见)

4、 A: I have a ruler\an eraser 我有一把尺子 \ 一块橡皮。B: Me too . 我也有。

Unit 2


A: Good morning. 早上好!B: Good morning! 早上好!

6. 下午相见应该说―

A: Good afternoon! 下午好!B: Good afternoon! 下午好!

7. 跟新朋友第一次见面――

A: Nice to meet you! 见到你很高兴。B: Nice to meet you,too!见到你也很高兴!

8、 A: This is Mr Jones 这是琼斯先生。 B: Nice to meet you! 见到你很高兴。

9. A: Colour it brown.把它涂成棕色吧! B: Ok 好。

Unit 3、

10. A: Let’s go to school! 让我们一起去上学! B: OK! 好的。

11、看见久未见面的朋友或者询问别人身体如何,你该这么打招呼-A: How are you ? 你

好吗?B: Fine,thank you我很好,谢谢你。也可以这样回答:Very well, thanks.


12、A: Let’s paint. 让我们画画。B: Ok. 好

13. A: Let’s play. 让我们玩。B: Ok. 好。

14. A: Let’s make a puppet! 让我们做一个木偶。B: Great! 好极了!

15. A: What’s that? 那是什么? B: It’s an elephant. 那是一只大象。

16. A: What’s this? 这是什么?B: It’s a bear. 它是一只熊。

17. A: I like it. 我喜欢它。 B: Thanks. 多谢。

Unit 5

18. A: I’d like some juice, please. 请给我一些果汁。 B: Here you are. 给你。

19. A: Can I have some water, please? 请给我一些水,好吗?B: Here you are. 给你。

20. A: Here you are 给你。 B: Thank you. 谢谢你。

21. A: Thank you. 谢谢你。B: You're welcome. 别客气。

22. A: Have some milk. 喝一些牛奶。B: Thank you. 谢谢你。

Unit 6

23、A :This one , please. 请给我这个。B: Sure. 好的。

24. A : How many plates? 多少个盘子?B : Five. 5个

25、A:B: Happy birthday. 生日快乐!B: Thank you. 谢谢。

26、A: How old are you? 你多大了?B: I’m six years old.


27.A: Let's eat the birthday cake. 让我们吃蛋糕B: Great! 棒极了!

三、 读读,记记下面的句子。你会很棒的!

Unit 1--1.Show me your pen. 让我看看你的钢笔。

2. Open your pencil--box. 打开你的铅笔盒。

3. Close your book .关上你的书。4. Carry your bag. 背起你的书包。

Unit 2.

1. Show me green. 给我看看绿色。 2. Show me red. 给我看看红色。

3. Show me blue. 给我看看红色。 4. Show me yellow. 给我看看黄色。

5. Black, black. Stand up. 黑色,黑色,站起来(起立)!

6. Orange, orange. Sit down. 橙色,橙色。坐下。

7. White, white. Touch the ground. 白色,白色,摸摸地。

8. Brown, brown. Turn around. 棕色,棕色,转个圈。 9. I see green. 我看见绿色。 Unit 3.

1. Close your eyes. 闭上你的眼睛。 2. Open your mouth. 张开你的嘴巴。

3. Touch your nose. 摸摸你的鼻子。4. Touch your ear. 摸摸你的耳朵。

5.Touch your face. 摸摸你的脸。 6.Look at me. 看我。

7.This is my face, 这是我的脸。 8. Clap your hands. 拍拍你的手。

9.Touch your head.摸摸你的头 。10.Wave your arms. 挥挥你的胳膊。

11.Shake your legs. 摇摇你的腿。12.Shake your body. 摇摇你的身体。

13. Stamp your foot. 跺跺你的脚。

Unit 4.

1. Act like an elephant. 扮演一只大象。2. Act like a bird. 扮演一只鸟。

3. Act like a tiger. 像老虎一样表演。4. Act like a monkey.扮演一只猴子。

5.Act like a panda.扮演一只熊猫。



1. Have some eggs. 吃一些蛋。2.Have some juice. 喝一些果汁。

3. Eat some bread. 吃一些面包。4.Drink some milk. 喝一些牛奶。

5. Drink some water. 喝一些水。6. Eat some fish. 吃一些鱼。

7. Eat some rice. 吃一些米饭 8. Cut the cake. 切蛋糕。


1.Show me six. 给我看看6. 2.Show me seven.给我看看7

3.Show me eight. 给我看看8 4.Show me nine. 给我看看9.

5.Show me ten. 给我看看10

剑桥英语一级 Unit 3-Unit 10提纲

Unit 3 Lunch in the Garden


① 能选择喜好的食物 What would you like, Sir? I’d like two burgers. Can I have some apples and pear? No problem.

What shall we buy? Let’s buy some chicken and burgers.

Do you often eat fish? Yes, I do. No, I don’t.


① 单词

(食物类) rice bread burger chicken sausage chips/fries ice cream pumpkin chocolate onion noodles coffee juice cookie

Unit 4 We are Having an English Class


① 简单的课堂用语:

Where is my shell? It’s under your paper.

What’s he doing? He’s cutting a new letter.

Thank you. You’re welcome.

Which book would you like to read? I’d like to read a book about animals.

What’s the Chinese for “eraser”? XIANG PI.


① 单词

(反义形容词) old young happy sad short long tall big small Unit 5 Let’s Play with Letters




① 单词

(行为动词) act bend clap drink hide kick move nod open paint sleep Unit 6 More fun at “Word Factory”


① 交际用语:

The horse is eating some corn. The panda is holding a torch.


① 单词 bag run mouse sea zoo coat house

Unit 7 I like this reading room

3 candy


① 交际用语:

What books do you like reading? I like reading English books.


① 单词

(名词) picture story cartoon music math Chinese panda

(动词) eating walking climbing resting drinking

Unit 8 Our colour fair


① 交际用语:Which coloured parrot /balloon do you like? I like this blue parrot. Which colour do you want to see? Yellow, please.

Is your apple red? Yes, it is./No, it isn’t.


① 单词

(名词) balloon parrot rose clown grass bear sky rainbow

Unit 9 Let’s smell the flowers


① 交际用语:

Look! Lots of children are playing in the park.

They are smelling the flowers

Let’s go and join them

The boys are reading a book.


① 单词

(名词) park flower butterfly kite see-saw

② 词组 :playing on the see-saw riding a bike catching a butterfly painting a picture listening to music kicking a ball taking a photo having lunch smelling the flowers Unit 10 Numbers in our lives


① 交际用语:

What’s it about? It’s about colours.

How many children can you see? I can see nine.


① 单词

(名词)phone room flat page mobile street fax date zero lady



ould you like, Sir? I’d like two burgers.

Can I have some apples and pear? No problem.

What shall we buy? Let’s buy some chicken and burgers.

Do you often eat fish? Yes, I do. No, I don’t.


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