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( ) 10. The robot can ____ the house.

A. cleans B. clean C cleaning D. cleaned III. Look, read and put the words in order.(连词成句) (5%)


Writing Test (50%)

I. Translate英汉互译:(10%)

1. have a picnic ______________ 2. listen to CDs___________________ 3. play chess__________________ 4. an empty bin__________________ 5. surf the Internet______________ 6. 玩游戏_____________________ 7. 看电影____________________ 8. 整洁的橱柜_______-__________ 9. 画画______________________ 10. 弹钢琴______________________

II. Choose the best answer.(选择最佳答案)(10%)

( ) 1. ______ be a football match next Monday.

A. There will B. There was C. There is D. They will ( ) 2. May is the _____ month of a year.

A. fourth B. fifth C. third D. sixth

( ) 3. Mandy _____ late for school yesterday. She ______ up too late yesterday morning. A. was; getted B. was; got C. is; gets D. is; got ( ) 4. Where ____ you last night? I ___ at school?

A. was; were B. were; were C. were; was D. was; was ( ) 5. Look! What a ______!

A. messy B. mess C. matter D. bad ( ) 6. What _____ bad weather! It’s raining again. A. / B. a C. an D. is ( ) 7. Pat doesn’t like _____ very much.

A. painting and dancing B. paint and dance C. painting or dancing D. paint or dance

( ) 8. Sandy _____ cooking, but she ______ like washing the dishes. A. likes; doesn’t B. like; don’t C. like; don’t D. isn’t; likes ( ) 9. Look! Your shirt is too ___. You should wash it. A. clean B. dirty C. big D. small

1.So, were, you, cute.__________________________________ 2. lots , people, watched, dancing, of, you.

_____________________________________________________ 3. often, took, we, you, to , Lychee Park

_______________________________________________________ 4. remember, you, I, liked, dancing____________________________ 5.talk, two, for, hours, we, __________________________________

IV. 根据时间提示把下列句子改为过去时:(5分)

1. What do you do everyday?


2. . He cleans his room every weekend.

_______________________________________________last weekend.

3. .I do my homework everyday.

_________________________________________________last week.

4. She paints a picture every Saturday.

_____________________________________________ last Saturday.

5. We have breakfast at seven everyday.

_____________________________________________ yesterday.

V. Situation dialogues. (根据所提供的情景,选择最佳的问句或答句。) (5%)

( ) 1. --What are your favourite hobbies?


A. I often play chess. B. I like playing chess. C. I played chess yesterday.

( ) 2 --What are you going to do? --_________________.

五年级英语 第 1 页 (共 6 页)

A. I like swimming. B. I am going to swim. C. Sometimes I go to swim.

( ) 3. –Where are you going? --_________________.

A. I’m doing my homework. B. I’m going to Guangzhou. C. I like reading.

( ) 4. – What’s the weather like? --.______________________.

A. It’s cool. B. I like cool weather. C. It was cool yesterday.

( ) 5. –What are you doing? --.__________________.

A. I’m a student. B. I’m cooking. C. I like cooking.

( ) 6. --___________________? --He has a headache.

A. What’s he doing? B. What’s wrong with him? C. Where is he going?

( ) 7. --___________________? --I want to cook.

A. What do you want? B. What are you doing? C. What are you going to do?

( ) 8. --_____________________?

--It was in the kitchen.

A. Where was the cat? B. Where is the cat? C. What is the cat doing?

( ) 9. --______________________________?

--Yes, it was.

A. Is the dog hungry? B. Was the dog hungry? C. Did the dog eat anything?

( ) 10. --______________________________?

--It’s Friday today.

A. What’s the date today? B. What day is it today? C. How many days are there in a week?

VI. Reading comprehension. (阅读理解) (10%)


Two little boys go to a cinema, buy the tickets and go in. But after two

“No, we’re not doing that, ” answer the two boys. “ But a big woman always stops us at the door and tears our tickets up.” The girl smiles and sells them two more tickets.

判断对错,对的写T 错误的写F

( ) 1. Two little boys go to sell tickets. ( ) 2. The boys buy six tickets altogether. ( ) 3. The boys wait their friends at the film gate. ( ) 4. The girl is the boy’s teacher.

( ) 5. The big woman at the door is the girl’s mother.


Long time ago, there was a bear. He wanted to have a birthday party. He asked(邀请) many

friends to the party. He asked the rabbit, the cow, and the dog. They played games, sang songs and ate birthday cake. "Let's play game together," the dog said. All of them liked the party very much.. From then on, they became very good friends.

Answer the following questions: 根据短文回答下列问题 1. Who wanted to have a birthday party? ____________________ 2. Who did the bear ask to the party?________________________

3. What did they do? __________________________ 4. What did the dog say? ___________________________ 5. Did they like the party? ____________________________

VII. Writing. (书面表达) (5%)



minutes they come out, buy two more tickets and go in again. After a few minutes they come out again and buy two more tickets. The girl in the ticket office says to them at last, “ Why are you buying all these tickets? Are you meeting friends here all the time?”

五年级英语 第 2 页 (共 6 页)




Listen and choose the correct words you hear. (Twice)

1. What’s the weather like today?

2. What did you do this morning? 3. We finished our homework. 4. The bin was full.

5. What are your favorite hobbies?

IV. Listen to the question and choose the best answer. (Twice)

(C) 1. I don’t like the story. It’s boring.

(A) 2. There’ll be a party this Saturday.

(B) 3. Mum is cooking in the kitchen. (C) 4. It’s Friday today, I want to play.

(B) 5. I like playing badminton. How about you? (C) 6. I want to go to Australia next year.

(C) 1. What are you good at, Tim? (A) 2. What do you like doing?

(A) 3. Was the kitchen dirty this morning? (A) 4. Was your mother happy yesterday? (A) 5. It’s rainy. What can we do? (C) 6. She likes playing chess.

(A) 7. I watched TV and played computer games. (B) 8. I was six in this photo. (C) 9. She’s doing her homework. (A) 10. No, she wasn’t.

V. Listen to the dialogues and answer the questions. (Twice)

(A) 7. What are your favourite hobbies, Mary? (C) 8. Everything was good this morning.

(B) 9. Peter was a model student last year.

(C) 10 The fridge was full yesterday.

II. Listen and choose the sentence you hear. (Twice)

(C) 1. What did you do this morning? (C) 2. I’m going to play the piano. (C) 3. I like playing chess. (C) 4. How’s the weather today?

(B) 5. She’s good at doing the high jump. (B) 6. The walls were dirty. (C) 7. I like running and swimming. (C) 8. What did you do last Sunday? (C) 9. Who was in the bedroom? (B) 10. It was Lily.

III. V. Listen and write down sentences. 听录音,写句子,每道题念两遍。

(C) 1. --Hi, Peter, what are you going to do this Saturday?

---I don’t know. I want to play chess with my brother. But my brother is going to do his

homework this Saturday.

---Are you going to watch a film with me?

--- Good, I like it.

(A) 2.--What are your favourite hobbies, Mary?

--I like singing and dancing. How about you, Ken?

--I like running and jumping. My brother Tim likes drawing and painting.

(B) 3.--Cindy, what do you do in your spare time?

--I like listening to CDs. How about you, John?

五年级英语 第 3 页 (共 6 页)

--Well, I like riding a bike and reading. Look, that’s Peter, What’s he doing? --He’s flying a kite. He likes flying kites in his spare time.

II. Choose the best answer.(选择最佳答案)(10%) 1.A2.B3.B4.C5.B6.A7.C8.A9.B10.B

III. Look, read and put the words in order.(连词成句) (5%) 1. You were so cute.

2. Lots of people watched you dancing. 3. We often took you to Lychee Park. 4. I remember you like dancing. 5. We talk for two hours.

IV. 根据时间提示把下列句子改为过去时:(5分) 1.What did you do 2.He cleaned his room 3.I did my homework 4.She painted a picture 5. We had breakfast at seven

V. Situation dialogues. (根据所提供的情景,选择最佳的问句或答句。) (5%) 1.B2.B3.B4.A5.B6.B7.A8.A9.B10.B

VI. Reading comprehension. (阅读理解) (10%)

A. 1 F 2 T3 F4 F5 F B. 1. A bear 2.The rabbit, the cow and the dog 3.They played games4. Let’s play games5.Yes, they did.

Writing. (书面表达) (5%)(省略)


命题人:徐雅靖 审题人:李虹霖

(C) 4. -- Look, my bedroom is messy. Who was in my bedroom. Candy, was it you?

--No, it wasn’t me.

--Sue, were you in my bedroom? --No, Mum. It was Kitty, our cat.

(B) 5.– Look! It’s raining again. Why does it rain, Uncle Tom?

--Guess, Peter.

--Because there is too much water in the sky. --No.

--Because the weather is too dry.

--No. Because there is too much water in a cloud. It gets too heavy and falls down.

VI. Listen and arrange.( 听录音,根据短文内容,用1, 2, 3, 4, 5下列图片重新排序) (5%) 1. It was rainy last weekend. 2. First I read a book with my mother. 3. Then I talked with my friends. 4. In the afternoon I watched a film. 5. In the evening, I watched TV at home. 答案:1 3 4 2 5

VII. Listen and complete the passage. (Twice)

Ken was yesterday. His mother and father were not at home. He stayed at home. He played to cook, but he couldn’t. So he called his . But his mother didn’t answer it. And he in Beijing. He was all day. When his 笔试部分 I.


1.野餐 2,听CD 3.下棋 4.一个空垃圾桶 5.上网 6.play games 7.watch a film 8.a tidy cupboard 9.draw pictures 10. play the piano

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