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1. m_k_ ( 制作 ) 2. d_y (擦干,干的) 3.t_il_t(马桶) 4. cl_ _n (干净的) 5. d_rt_ ( 脏的 )

6.st_v_ (炉灶) 7. s_ _k ( 水池 ) 8. mi_e (我的) 9.r_ _m (房间) 10 ._ _brella (伞)


1.dry(反义词) 2.write (现在分词) 3.mine(对应词) 4.dish (复数) 5.clean(反义词)

6.put (现在分词) 7.go(单三形式) 8.loud(副词)


( )1. She is reading .

A.quiet B.loud C.quietly

( the peas.

A.passing B. passed C. pass


A.lives B. live C. living

( ) 4. Time

A.for B.to C. on

( ) 5. What would you like breakfast?

A.of B. for C.on

( ) 6. Everyone in the room supper.

A.haves B.have C. has D.eat

( ) 7. These are

A.dish B.dishs C. dishes

( )8. I like .

A.sing B. to sing C. singer

( )9. Let’s vegetables.

A.wash B. to wash C. Washing

( )10. Let’s _____some dishes on the table.

A. to put B.put C.putting D.to putting

( )11. This bedroom is _____. And that one is______.

A.your, my B. yours, my C.yours, mine D.your,

9.open (反义词) mine 1 10.sit(现在分词)


( )12. We take a shower ______Friday______the bathroom.

A.on in B.in in C.on on D.on at

( )13. We often go to school _____7:30.

A.in B.of C. on D. at

( )14.I need ___________my hand.

A. to wash B.washing C.wash

( )15. The red bicycle is ______. .

A. your B.my C.mine

( )16.They are playing ______________.

A.quite B.quitely C.quite

( )17.Is this a refrigerator_________ a stove?

A.at B.to C.or

( )18. She __________ some vegetables.

A.need B.needs C.needed

( )19.Can you help ____________find it ?

A.she B.he C.him

( )20._____________these your suitcases?

A.Is B.Are C.Am Ⅳ.读句子,选出错误的一项,并将其序号写在题前括号里。(5分) ( )1.Liming is comeing to Canada.


( A B C D

( )3, some A B C D

( )4. A B C D

( A B C D





1. time, is, What, it


2. please, I, like, would, and, bread, juice, some


3.Tom, be, cook, supper, the, stove, on (现在进行时态)

4. are, the, on ,The, peas, stove

5. washing, am, the, dishes, dirty, I


1. 对划线部分提问)

2. This is a bedroom.(变为复数句)

3. It’s time for supper.(改为同义句)

4. 这是厨房。(翻译)

5. This is your bedroom.(同义句)

VI. 选择对应的答语(5分)

( )1.What are you doing ? a. Yes ,thank you.

( )2.Nice to meet you. b. Sure

( )3. Did you have a good trip? c. Nice to meet you.,too.

( )4.Can you help me? d. Thank you.

( )5. Here are apples. e. I’m cleaning the dishes.




My name is Lily,This is my house ,There are five rooms in my house ,This is my father and mother’s room.There are three pictures on the wall,There is a desk near the window.There are two chairs behind the desk.On the left of the room, There is a toilet.On the right,it’s my room,There are four pictures on the wall.I love my house.

( )1.There are ________rooms in Lily’s house.

A. four B. three C.five

( )2.There are three________on the wall of Lily’s father and mother’s room?

A.desks B.pictures C.chairs

( )3.The two chairs are __________the desk

A.behind B.under C.on

( )4.Is there a toilet in Lily’s house?

A.No,there is B,Yes,there is C.No, there isn’t

( )5.There are _________pictures in Lily’s room.

A.two B.three C.four

B. 阅读短文,正确的写(T),错误的写(F)(10分)

Mr.White looks young,but he is fifty-six. He has some children. One of his sons is a doctor. The other two are studying in England. The daughter is working with her father. Now,Mr.White works in a factory near here.He thinks Chinese people are friendly and Chinese food is very good.He can speak a little Chinese.So he goes to Chinese classes every day.He says it isn’t too easy to learn Chinese.And he must study hard.

( )1. Mr.White is a young man.

( )2. Mr.White likes China because he likes Chinese people and food.

( )3. Mr.White speaks Chinese very well.

( )4. Chinese is hard to study.

( )5. He has three children.

VIII. 以”My living room”或”My bedrom”为题写一篇小作文。(要求:不少于5句,



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