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一, 按要求完成下列各题.

1, know(同音异义词)_______ 2, they are(缩写形式)____________ 3, they (宾格)________ 4, catch(第三人称单数)__________

5, sheep(复数)________ 6, he(宾格)________ 7, do(第三人称单数)_______ 8, fox(服输)_________ 9, rabbit(复数)_________ 10, do(否定形式)________ 二,单项选择

1, The rabbits are cute. I like them ________ .

A.a lot of B. lot C. a lot

2, - Do you like me?


A. Yes, I am B. No, I do. C. Yes, I do.

3, Can you ______ a kite in the tree?

A.look B. see C.watch

4,_______ are you from?

A. What B. Who C. Where

5, A______ is a very big cat.

A. tiger B. Panda C. bear

6, _______ she know you?

A. Is B. Do C. Does

7,_____ Ben and Sarah like animals?

A. Are B. Do C.Does

8,I like cats,_____ I don’t like Big Cats.

A. and B. but C.or

9,A tiger catches animals______ night.

A. in B. on C. at

10, Do you like ______?

A. rabbit B. rabbit C.foxes


1, Do you like she?

2, Does Ann likes panda’?

3, Do your father know them?

4, I likes leopards,too.

5, Does Ken like sheeps?

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