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Unit 2

A new house
( BCD)


你会理解课文了吗? 你会背诵课文了吗?

How many YangLing’s New house 3 2 1 1 1 1

What bedrooms bathroom study kitchen dining-room sitting-room

What YangLing’s bedroom desk dolls pictures map telephone

Where near the bed on the bed on the wall on the wall on the desk

a map of the world

a map of China



a bathroom 浴室

a kitchen 厨房

a sitting-room 客厅

a dinning-room 餐厅

a sofa 沙发

What’s in Yang Ling’s bedroom?
a lamp 台灯

a telephone 电话

a bed 床

on on on
on the box

What’ on the box?
There’s=There is

There’s a rabbit on the box.

in in in
in the box What’s in the box?

There’s a rabbit in the box

under under

under the box
What’s under the box ?
There’s a rabbit under the box.

behind behind behind the box What’s behind the box ? There’s a rabbit behind the box.

in, in,在里面。 on, on,在上面。 under, under,在下面。 behind, behind,在后面。 the, the齐上阵, 拉着尾巴不放手。

What’s in/ on/ under/ behind the…? There’s a … in/ on/ under/ behind… There are some… in/ on/ under/ behind…

What’s in the basket? There’s a dog in the basket.

What’s under the bed? There’s a football under the bed.

What’s behind the door? There are some umbrellas behind the door.

What’s on the table? There are some glasses on the table.

There aren’t any glasses on the table.

There is a copybook on the desk.

There isn’t a pen on the desk. Here’s a pen for you.

There isn’t a… There aren’t any…

Here’s a … for you. Here are some … for you.

There isn’t a pencil.
Here’s a pencil for you.

There isn’t a lamp.

Here’s a lamp for you.

There aren’t any crayons.

Here are some crayons for you.

There aren’t any chairs.

Here are some chairs for you.

There be否定形式

There is a telephone. 单数 There isn’t a telephone.
There are some lamps. 复数 There aren’t any lamps.

There’s a table tennis room. There isn’t a table tennis room.
There’re some slides in the park. There aren’t any slides in the park.

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