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杭州儒林教育 小六20130914

第一单元知识巩固 复习字词:


1. ( )2. ( ) 3. ( ) 4. ( ) 5. ( ) 6. ( ) 二、选出与其它单词不同类的选项:

1. ( ) A. car B. bus C. how

2. ( ) A. bike B. what C. who

3. ( ) A. afternoon B. park C. morning

4. ( )A. red B. yellow C. traffic

5. ( ) A. she B. he C. him

6. ( ) A. museum B. hospital C. get


1、脚 2、自行车 3、火车

4、飞机 5、轮船 6、地铁

7、怎样 8、右边 9、公共汽车

10、交通 11、停 12、等待

13、经…乘… 14、地铁 15、左边


1、步行 2、骑自行车 3、到达

4、上学 5、交通灯 6、交通规则

7、在左边 8、在右边 重点知识讲解


by bike 骑自行车 by train 坐火车 by ship 坐船 by subway 坐地铁

坐飞机_______________ 坐公共汽车________________

因此我们可以得出结论:凡表示“乘坐或使用某种交通工具”,都只需要在这种交通工具的前面加上__________ 但是,“步行”则为___________________


1. A: _______ do you go to school? 你怎样去上学?

B: I go to school ____foot. 我步行去学校。

2. _______ I go to school on foot. __________ I go by bike.


杭州儒林教育 小六20130914



always(总是)、usually(通常)、often(经常)、sometimes(有时)、never (从不)

3. A: How can I ____ ____ the nature park? 我怎样才能去自然公园?

B: You can ____ ____the NO.12 bus. 你可以乘坐12路公共汽车。

=You can_____ the NO.12 bus

4. What about you?= _______about you?你呢?

5. My home is near. =My home is ____ _____. 我家很近=我家不远。

6. _______ at a red light. 红灯停。

7. _______ at a yellow light. 黄灯等待。

8. Go at a ______ light. 绿灯行。

9. A: _____ I go on foot? 我可以走路去吗?

B: Sure, if you like. It’s not far. 当然可以,如果你喜欢的话。那里并不远。

10. Let’s _____to the park this afternoon. 我们今天下午去公园吧。


I go to school by bus.


(2)对by bus 提问_____________________________________________

(3)对I 提问: ______________________________________________

(4) 用Chen Jie代替I:___________________________________________


(6)改为一般疑问句并做出否定回答:________________________________________ ________________________________________ 练习:


1. I go there ________bike.

A. on B. to C. by

2. Usually I go to school by bus, because __________ .

A. my home is near B. the bus is fast C. my home to near

3. -________ ?

-I go to school by bike.

A. What are you going B. How do you do C. How do you go to school

4. In China, drivers drive _________ the right side of the road.

A. in B. on C. at

5. The traffic light are ________ in every country.

A. same B. the same C. differences

6. Please stop at ________.


杭州儒林教育 小六20130914

A. a red light. B. a yellow light C. a green light

7. There are ________ three lights in every country: red, yellow, and green.

A. often B. sometimes C. always

8. The traffic light is red, you must _________.

A. stop B. wait C. go

9. In England and Australia, drivers must drive _________.

A. on the right side of the road B. on the left side of the road C. very fast beside the road

10. Drivers drive on _______ of the road in the U.S.

A. the left side B. the right side C. both sides

11. I go to Paris ________ every month.

A. on foot B. by train C. by plane

12. If you like, you can _________ there by bus.

A. go B. get C. move D. come

13. The post office is _______ my home.

A. in front of B. near C. behind D. under

14. Please ________ the boy over there.

A. look at B. have a look C. look D. watch

15. -Can you ________ the new words?


A. do B. remember C. run D. have

16. _______ you like, you can watch TV or read books.

A. If B. Because C. Why D. How

17. In Guangzhou, the driver must drive on the ________ side of the road.

A. left B. both C. right D. one

18. Everybody must _________ when the light turns red.

A. go B. wait C. leave D. stop

19. In America, the green light ________ go.

A. means B. doesn’t mean C. doesn’t D. mean

20. Let _______ go to the Children’s Center.

A. we B. is C. / D. us

21. -_________ is the weather like today?

-It’s fine.

A. How B. What C. How about D. What about

22. There is a lovely cat on ________ floor.

A. the three B. the third C. three D. third


1. somewhere, many, are, to, go, there, ways_______________________________________

2. the, same, in, country, the, lights, traffic, are, every,


杭州儒林教育 小六20130914

5. ___________


1. 对画线部分提问)


2. 对画线部分提问)


3. Is she listening to music? (做出肯定回答)



1. Here are 15 dollar. ___________


2. You can go to school by foot. ___________


3. How are you at this morning? __________




Zhang Peng is asking to a policeman.

Z: Excuse me, sir. Is there a bookstore near here?

P: No, there isn’t. But there is one next to the hospital.

Z: Where is the post office, please?

P: It’s west of the hospital.

Z: Is it far from here?

P: Yes.

Z: How can I get there?

P: First, turn left and take the No.16 bus at the bus stop. Next, get off at the hospital. Then, cross(穿过) the street. You’ll be in front of the post office.

Z: Thank you. P: You’re welcome.

( ) 1 There is a bookstore near the school.

( ) 2 The post office is next to the bookstore.

( ) 3 The post office is west of the hospital.

( ) 4 Zhang Peng walks to the bookstore.

( ) 5 Zhang Peng asks a policeman for help.


杭州儒林教育 小六20130914


Crosswalk Turn right No bikes Turn left 人行道 右转 禁止自行车通行 左转

No entry No right turn

禁止通行 禁止右转


One way 直行(单行道) 5 No left turn 禁止左转

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