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杭州儒林教育 小四英语(20130914)


window 窗户 board 写字板 light 灯,灯管 picture 画,图画 door 门 floor 地板 classroom 教室 computer 计算机 teacher’s desk 讲台 wall 墙 fan 扇子,电扇

What’s in the classroom? 教室里面有什么?

This is Zhang Peng, our new classmate. 这是张朋。我们的新同学。

We have a new classroom,. 我们有一个新教室。

Let’s go and have a look. 让我们一起去看看吧。

It’s so big. 它很大。

Where’s my seat? 我的座位在哪里? It’s near the door. 它在门的附近。

语法点:where 引导的是特殊疑问句,意思是:“哪里”,看到where 就要想到地点,方位词,例如on, in ,under, near等

The wall is white.墙是白色的。 Let’s clean the classroom. 让我们一起打扫教室。Let me clean the window. 让我来擦窗户。 语法点:let’s = let us 让我们 let me 让我 Good idea. 好主意。

Look at the picture. 看那幅图画。

Good job! 做得好!

文化知识:.想问别人问题,要先说“excuse me对不起,打扰一下。”



A I h e

dE H F C b g G 2、熟读下列句子。 (1) Sweep the floor . Open the door .

(2) Let’s go and have a look . (3) Where is my chair ? It’s near the window . (4) This is my classroom .The door is green . (5)Turn on the light . Clean the board /chair / window /door .

杭州儒林教育 小四英语(20130914)

3、为下列句子找到相应的应答语 。

( ) What’s in the classroom ? A. It’s on the wall.

( ) Let’s clean the door. B. Sure. Here you are.

( ) Where is the picture ? C.Great.Let’s go and have a look.

( ) May I have a look ? D.Many desks and chairs.

( ) We have a new classroom. E.Good idea.


5、写出下列单词的中文翻译 window light picture door computer wall fan teacher’s desk


( )(1)、The door _____green .

A .is B . are

( ) (2) We _____ a new classroom .

A .have B .has

( ) (3) Let’s _____ the window .

A .turn B .open

杭州儒林教育 小四英语(20130914)

( ) (4) _____ is my seat ?It’s near the door .

A .Where B .What

( ) (5) What’s in ____ classroom ?

A .your B .you


I’m Miss Liu.I am your English teacher.We have a new classroom.It is very big and clean.This is my new desk. There are some new English books.They are blue and white.These new desks and chairs are for you. ( )1.Miss Liu is teacher.

A. a Chinese B. an English C. a math ( )2.They have a classroom.

A. small B. old C. new ( )3.Their English books are .

A. Blue B. white C. blue and white ( )4 has a new desk?

A. Miss Liu B. Mrs Liu C. Mr Liu ( )5.The new classroom is .

A. clean

B. clean and big C. big

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