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Unit 5 I like biscuits

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Unit 5 I like biscuits

Period 1

Teaching contents:

Part A and B of Unit 5, PEP primary English, book 4. Teaching aims:

1.To mater the words: milk,bread,jam,rice,biscuits,dumplings and noodles.

2. To master the sentence pattern:

What do you like?

I like…/ I don’t like….

3.Help the pupils to express their feelings.

Important points:

To learn the new words and the sentence pattern. Difficult points:

1. The pronunciation of the new words.

2. To express one’s likes and dislikes.

Teaching aids:

CAI, word cards, a smiling face and a crying face. Teaching methods:

Task-based approach and situational approach. Teaching procedures:

Step 1 Warming up

1. Greetings.

2. Sing an song.

Step 2 Presentation

1. Learn the words:

milk,bread,jam,rice,biscuits,dumplings and noodles.

2. Learn the sentence pattern.

3. Play a game—Pick apples.

Step 3 Practice

1. Listen to the video tape and draw a smiling face or a crying face on the form.

2. Read after the video tape.

3. Role play.

Step 4 Consolidation

Use the sentence pattern to make dialogues.

Step 5 Homework

1. Listen and recite the text .

2. Ask the parents’ likes and dislikes.

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