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(湘少版)五年级英语上册课件 Unit 9(4)

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My father helps me.
Period2 Miss Yu

Unit 9

Lingling’s mother makes the bed. She helps her.

She irons clothes.

She cooks a meal.

Lingling’s father cleans Iron window. the the clothes She helps him.

She waters plants.

He washes clothes.

let’s chant
? ? ? ? ? ? ? Makes ,makes, makes the bed ; Irons ,irons , irons clothes ; Cooks , cooks ,cooks a meal ; Cleans , cleans , cleans the window ; waters , waters, waters plants ; Sweeps, sweeps, sweeps the floor; Washes, washes, washes clothes.

Let’s practise
Listen to the tape and tick the correct pictures.

Know more
动词的第三人称单数形式,在动词后 面加s / es

He/She/ Lingling…

like → likes get→ gets play →plays sing→ sings dance→ dances run→ runs do → does go → goes 特殊: have → has

Let’s write

likes 1.Anne ______ (like) roller-blading. goes 2.He ______ (go )to school at half past seven. get 3.I ______(get) up at half past six. has 4.Dino _____(have) lunch. have 5.We _______(have) a meal.

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