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一. 听音选择

1. young 2.long 3.windy 4.tall 5.smart

6.sunny 7.Miss 8.he 9.day 10.China 二.听音标序号

( 5 ) I know. He’s my father.

( 3 ) What’s he like?

( 2 ) Mr Carter. He’s from Canada.

( 4 ) He’s tall and strong. He’s very funny.

( 1 ) Who’s your English teacher?

三. 听音选择

Mr Zhao is our English teacher.He’s short and funny.Miss Liu is our math teacher.She’s tall and strong.Mr Ma is our music teacher.I like him very much.

Questions:1.Who’s our English teacher?

2. What’s our English teacher like?

3. Is he short?

4. What’s our math teacher like?

5. Who’s Mr Ma?

四. 听音写单词

1.Tuesday 2.do homework 3.watch TV 4.quiet 5.old

6.Wednesday 7.kind 8.read books 9.strict 10.Friday

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