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牛津英语 沪教版 6A unit4

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Unit4 What would you like to be?

a dentist a driver a fireman a bank clerk
a shop assistant

a doctor a postman a worker
a pilot
a policeman a policewoman

a secretary

a cook

I’d like to be
a /an --- ---

a bank clerk

I’d like to be
a /an --- ---


I’d like to be
a /an --- ---

a pilot

I’d like to be
a /an --- ---

a shop assistant

Would like “想要”would like中would相当于情 态动词, Eg:I would like to be a cook. 含情态动词句子变否定句,在情态动词后加not.

I would not like to be a cook.含情态动词的句子 变一般疑问句,把情态动词直接提前。 一般疑问句:Would you like to be a cook?
肯:Yes, I would.否:No,I wouldn’t(=would not). 特殊疑问句是在一般疑问句前加特殊疑问词What.

What would you like to be ?

A: B:

Would you like to be a driver? Yes, I would.

Would you like to be a policewoman?
Yes, I would. No, I wouldn’t.


Would you like to be a policeman? Why?

Yes, I would. I’d like to be a policeman because I want to make our city a safe place.

want意为“想要”三种用法 1.want sth.想要干某事 2.want to do sth.想要干某事、 3.want sb to do sth.想让某人干某事

Would you like to be a cook?

Why not?

like”喜欢“三种用法:1.like sth 喜欢某物 2.like to do sth 喜欢干某事3.like doing sth. 喜欢干某事 Why not =why don’t you “为什么不”后+动词原形

No, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t like to be a cook because I don’t like cooking. I’d like to be a nurse.

K:Hello.What’s your name? D:My name’s samule Han.

K:How old are you?
D:I’m forty-two years old.

How old用来询问年龄

K: What’s your job? D:I’m a doctor.

K:Do you like your job?
D:Yes,I do.
What’s your job?“你的工作是什么?” =What do you do ?=What are you?

K: Why? D:Because I like to make sick people better. K:When do you usually start work?

D:I usually start work at half past eight in the morning.
make +名词+形容词“使…怎样” when“什么时候”=what time 对时间的提问。 start work 上班

K:When do you usually finish work? D:I usually finish work at six o’clock in the evening.

finish work 下班

1.()She usually watches TV___6:00__the evening. A.at,at B.in,in C.at, in D.in ,at

2.()-Do you like your job?_____________ A.Yes,I don’t. C.No,I am. B.No,I do. D.Yes,I do.

3.()I would like __a denist. A.to be B.am C.are D.is 4.Why not___there by bus? A.go B.to go C.goes D.went 5.()-Would you like to be a policeman?-________. A.Yes,I am. B.Yes,I would. C.No,it isn’t. D.No,I am.

1.()-What are you?-_____________.
A.I like doctor. B.I am a doctor.

C.Yes, I like doctor.D.No,I don’t like it.
2.()We want to make the classroom_____. A.to clean Bcleans



3.()She is twelve__ old.

A.year B.yeas C./ D.yeares

4.()-___do you ususally go to bed?-I usually go to bed at nine o’clock in the evening. A.Where B.How C.What D.When
5.()I have fini

shed ___the story. A.read B.to read



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