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二年级牛津英语Oxford English 2A test1(written part)

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Part 2 笔试部分 50%

一、 写出所给字母的左右邻居:8%

1. __cd 2.e__g 3. i__k 4.k__m 5.__HI 6.__DE 7. D__F 8. KL__

二、 完成单词:8%

1.p_ rk 2. bu_ _ding 3.bis_uit 4. f_rry

5.tax_ 6._ in 7. r_ _d 8. p_ay

三、 选择题:8%

( )1._______ the floor, May. (A. Sleep B. Sweep)

( )2.I _____ to eat pizza. (A. live B. like)

( )3. We _____ Shanghai clean every day. (A. keep B. sweep)

( )4. Get ____ the bus. (A. off B. of)

( )5. I go to Pudong _____ car. (A. by B. in)

( )6. May I _____ some milk? (A. has B. have)

( )7.______ do you go to Beijing? (A. Where B. How)

( )8.May I have a pizza, _____? (A. to B. too)

四、 读句子,选出相应的图片:5%

( )1.What do you like to do? I like to write English. A.


( )2. Look at the building. It’s tall.



( )3.How do you go to Shanghai? We go to Shanghai by taxi. A. B.

( )4. I’m hungry. Have some noodles. A.


( )5. It likes to eat fish. What is it? A.


五、 找出不同类的词:10%


( )1.A. swim B. sleep C. sing D. bus

( )2.A. milk B. juice C. ice-cream D. water

( )3.A. bird B. dog C. rabbit D. cat

( )4.A. van B. car C. road D. bus

( )5.A. pencil B. park C. pen D. ruler

六、 情景判断(用√ 、 ×表示):6%

( )1. 请May 上车,你说:Get in the car, May.

( )2. 告诉别人你乘飞机去北京,你说:I go to plane by Beijing

( )3. 告诉别人你住在上海,它很美丽。你说:

I love Shanghai. It’s very beautiful.

( )4. 你饿了,想吃蛋糕,你说:I like to eat some cakes.

( )5. 邀请别人一起和你扫地,你说:Come and sweep the floor with me.

( )6.问Sam怎么去Pudong, 你说: How do you go to the Pudong?

七、 看图片,圈出正确的句子:5%



A. The boys like to dance. B. The boys like to swim.

A. Clean the park, please.

B. Clean the classroom, please.



A. May I have two kites? B. May I have two cats?

A. Get in the van.

B. Get in the car.



A. Have a hot dog, please.

B. Have a pizza , please.


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