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PEP五年级下册Unit6 A field trip.A let's learn

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Unit6 A field trip

Let’s chant
Grandma is cooking, Cooking noodles. Sister is listening, Listening to music. Mom is writing, Writing an e-mail. Dad is reading, Reading the newspaper.

A field


field trip(学生)实地考察,实习



What are the boys doing? They are catching fish.

A: What is Chen Jie doing?
B: She is catching butterflies.



What is the boy doing? He is watching TV.
What is Chen Jie doing?

She is watching insects.

What is the girl doing?

She is picking up apples .
What is Amy doing?

She is picking up leaves.

What is WuYifan doing?
He is doing homework.

What is Sarah doing? She is doing an experiment.

What is Chenjie doing ?
She is drawing pictures.

What is the Zhang Peng doing?

He is taking pictures.

taking pictures

Let’s chant Mike is watching,
watching insects. Chenjie is catching, catching butterflies. WuYifan is picking, picking up leaves. Amy is doing, doing an experiment. ZhangPeng is taking, taking pictures.

What is Mike doing?
Is he picking up leaves ________________? No, he isn’t.
Yes, he is.

What is she doing?
Is she catching butterflies ________________? No, she isn’t.
Yes, she is.


What is Mike doing?

He’s watching insects.

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