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( )1. A. class B. glass C. grass

( )2. A. lift B. litter C. little

( )3. A. boat B. coat C. note

( )4. A. sing B. sign C. swing

( )5. A. walk B. work C. water

( )6. A. cake B. cage C. cock

( )7. A. stand up B. get up C. pick up

( )8. A. keep off B. take off C. turn off

( )9. A. It means you must stay away from the building.

B. It means you should keep off the grass.

C. It means you shouldn’t make noise here.

( )10. A. Can I have an ice cream?

B. Can I watch TV now?

C. Can I play computer games?


( )1. A. It is fine. B. It’s September. C. It’s Saturday.

( )2. A. She is a teacher. B. He’s a doctor. C. You shouldn’t

climb the tree.

( )3. A. Be a teacher.B. Go to the park. C. Play computer games

( )4. A. No, you can’t. B. No, you aren’t. C. No, you don’t.

( )5. A. There are many animals. B. I can see many animals.

C. We are looking at the signs.

三、听对话,根据所给的问题,选择正确答案。 (每小题读两遍。5分)

( ) 1. Where is your watch?

A. It is at home. B. I don’t have a watch. C. It is in the


( )2. What does this sign mean?

A. No littering. B. No smoking. C. No parking.

( )3. Where is the girl from?

A. She is from Japan. B. She is from China.C. She is from


( )4. What time do you begin your lessons?

A. 7:50. B. 8:10. C. 8:05.

( )5. What colour is Tom’s sweater?

A. blue B. black C. brown


Jack is Ben’s cousin .He is only .He has a lot of .Now he is the and Ben questions public signs.


一、找出划线部分读音与其余三个不同的选项。(5分) ( )1. A. bread B. head C. mean D. sweater ( )2. A. sorry B. dog C. no D. box ( )3. A. quickly B. sign C. pick D. litter ( )4. A. public B. suddenly C. must D. put ( )5. A. cake B. make C. cage D. grass

二、单项选择。(10分) ( )1. You must stay from the building.

A. away B. out C. off D. up ( )2. The park keeper points a sign on the grass.

A. of B. in C. with D. to ( )3. I know about public signs.

A. lots of B. many C. a lot D. a lots of ( )4. The sign “No parking”.

A. mean B. means C. looks D. look

( )5. There’s American student in my class, she is girl.

A. an, a B. a, an C. an,the D. a, the ( )6. There is a house .

A. nearly B. near C. nearby D. about ( )7. Your book is under the chair. Please .

A. pick up it B. pick it up C. pick them up D. pick up them ( )8. Grandma is sleeping. We make noise.

A. should B. shouldn’t C. can D. must ( )9. This is ruler. You should give to .

A. she, it, her B. she’s, her, it C. her, it, she

D. her, it, her

( )10. — What _______ on the plate? — There _______ some bread.

A. is; are B. is; is C. /; is D. are; is


1.在墙上 ________ 2.问一些问题 ___

3.散步 _____ 4.捡起

5.keep off the grass ________ 6.public signs

7.make noise ______ 8.different things

9.No smoking. ______ 10.look around

四、单词填空。(10分) 1. Look, the old man (water) the flowers in the garden. 2. The sign (mean) “Do not touch”. 3. Liu Tao likes (play) football very much. 4. These (watch) are from his parents. 5. This is not (I) bag. 6. Helen dances (beautiful).

7. — What does that sign mean?

— It means you shouldn’t ___________ (litter) there.

8. — Can you see that sign?

— Yes, I think it means “No _____________ (swim)”.

9. My grandfather ____________ (take) a walk with his dog after supper

every day.

10. — Who ______________ (teach) you Chinese lessons?

— Mr Li.


1. Li Ming can sing an English song. (改为一般疑问句) Li Ming an English song?

2. We should be quiet in the reading room. (改为同义句) We noise in the reading room.

3. It means “No littering”. (对画线部分提问) it mean?

4. The children are flying kites in the playground. (改为否定句) The children kites in the playground.

5. That’s an apple. (改为复数句) apples.

6. means, walk, on, shouldn’t, the, we, it, grass. (连词成句) .

六、完成对话。(5分) B: Hi! Look, there are a lot of signs here. G: Yes, they are public signs. B: . What does it mean? G: . B: Oh, I am thirsty. Can I drink some juice?

G: No, you can’t. Look at that sign. It says we shouldn’t eat and drink here.

B: I see. Look, there’s a sign over there. It says “No parking”. What does it mean? G: It means B: All right.


1.Mr Smith正在公园里散步。 Mr Smith in the park.


It’s too late. I ___________ go home now.


Can you ___________ the _________ on the grass? What does it _________?


There are a __________ __________ _____________ around our house.


A policeman __________ __________ to him.



Sandy is my cousin. He is only four years old. He likes to touch everything. One day, Sandy and I are taking a walk in the park. Suddenly, Sandy sees some bees on the flowers. He is very happy. He walks on the grass and catches them. Then a park keeper comes up to us. He points to a sign on the grass and says, “Can’t you see the sign?”

Sandy says, “What does it mean?” “It means you shouldn’t walk on the grass. Fine ten yuan.” “Oh, sorry, sir. I don’t know the sign. I just have five yuan. I put only one foot on the grass.” The park keeper laughs and says, “OK, I won’t fine you. Remember don’t do it again.”

( )1. How old is Sandy?

A. Six. B. Five. C. Four. D. Three.

( )2. Where are they taking a walk?

A. In the school. B. In the park. C. In the zoo.

D. On the grass.

( )3. Are there any bees on the flowers?

A. Yes, there are. B. No, there aren’t. C. Yes, there is.

D. No, there isn’t.

( )4. What does the sign on the grass mean?

A. Don’t touch. B. No climbing. C. Keep off the grass.

D. No parking.

( )5. Which sentence following is TRUE?

A. The park keeper fines Sandy ten yuan.

B. The park keeper fines Sandy five yuan.

C. The park keeper gives Sandy five yuan.

D. The park keeper doesn’t fine Sandy.


Nancy has got a fever. Ben and Yang Ling are going to the hospital to see her. They get some fruit for Nancy. In the hospital, Ben sees a lot of signs on the wall, “No parking”, “Be quiet”?. Yang Ling sees a special(特殊的) sign on the door. She doesn’t know the sign. She asks a nurse near the door about it. The nurse tells her that it means “No entry”. The sign means other people shouldn’t go inside(里面) the room except(除了) the doctors and nurses. At last(最后), Ben and Yang Ling find Nancy. They hope she will get better soon.


( )6. Nancy is ill in hospital.

( )7. Ben and Yang Ling get some flowers for Nancy.

( )8. The sign “No entry” on the door means “闲人免进”.

( )9. A doctor tells them the answer.

( )10. There are many signs in the hospital.



1.grass 2.litter 3.boat 4.swing 5.walk 6.cage 7.pick up 8.turn off 9. It means you should keep off the grass. 10. Can I have an ice cream?


1. What day is it today?

2. What does “ No climbing” mean?

3. Where do you often go at the weekend?

4. Can I go to the park now?

5. What can you see?

三、听对话,选择正确答案。 (每小题读两遍)

1. –Hi, what time is it?

--Sorry, my watch is in the classroom.

2.—There’s a sign here. What does it mean?

--It means we shouldn’t park cars here.

3. –Nice to meet you. Are you Chinese?

--No, I’m Japanese.

4. –What time do you begin your lessons?

--We begin our lessons at ten past eight.

5. –Is this brown sweater Tom’s?

--No, his is black.


Jack is Ben’s cousin .He is only four years old .He always has a lot of questions .Now he is in the park and asking Ben some questions about public signs.

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