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Love is real, real is love Love is feeling, feeling love Love is wanting to be loved Love is touch, touch is love Love is reaching, reaching love Love is asking to be loved

Love is you You and me Love is knowing We can be Love is free, free is love Love is living, living love Love is needing to be loved

What are we doing now?

We are having an English class.

I liking singing. What’s my hobby?

I liking dancing.


Me swimming singing

Miss Huang

What?s your

playing chess
watching TV
playing football
playing basketball listening to music


I like playing the violin.

playing the violin
['pleii?] [,vai?'lin]

I like collecting stamps

collecting stamps
[k?'lekti?] [st? mps]

I liking making kits. She is flying a kite.
Make+ing= making

making kites
['meiki?] [kaits]

I to She is going like riding work by bike. a bike.
She is riding a bike to work.

Guo Shuang(郭爽) ride+ing=riding

2012 London riding a bike Olympic game silver medalist ['raidi?] [baik] (银牌获得者)

Lin Yue and HuoLiang (林跃 火亮)
2012 London Olympic game

gold medalist

We like diving.

Rules: Each group choose two persons as their represents. The one acts what he or she likes, and the other one guess by using the sentence structure “ You like …” You?ll earn a point every time you answer a question correctly. 规则:每组选出两名作为代表。上台表演,其中一个表演, 另一个用句型“You like …”来猜对方喜欢什么,没猜对一 个得一分。

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

You like playing the violin.

You like collecting stamps.

You like going to the cinema.

You like riding a bike.

You like making kites.

You like taking a trip.

You liking diving.

You like reading a magazine.

You like planting trees.

Homework :
(1)Copy the phrases and sentences each for three lines. (2)Finish the workbook Jinpaixue’an in part let?s learn. (1) 抄写let’s learn 部分短语以及句子 每个3排。 (2)完成金牌学案let’s learn 部分内容

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