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五年级英语(下)期末试卷 Class Name Score


( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 二.听音,选出所听到的内容,把序号写在括号内 (10) ( )1.A.candle B.catch C.match D. watch ( )2.A.leave B.leaves C.leaf D.knife ( )3.A.talk B.walk C.take D.wake ( )4.A.wait B.play C.train D.rain ( )5.A.and B.ant C.at D.hand

( )6.A.glass B.grass C.glasses D.classes ( )7.A.taking pictures B.drawing pandas C.drawing pictures D.drinking water ( )8. A.swing B.swim C.sleep D.which

( ) 9. A.jumping B. fighting C. climbing D.walking ( )10.A. October B. November C. December D.September 三.听录音选出你所听到的句子。(10)

( ) 1.A.I am listening to music. B.I am writing a letter.

( ) 2.A.Mary is reading book. B.Mary is reading the newspaper. ( ) 3.A.He is cooking dinner. B.He is doing the dishes.

( ) 4.A.Amy is doing her homework. B.Amy is playing outside. ( )5.A.My mother is washing clothes. B.My mother is reading. 四.听音,排序(10分)

( ) Because I can plant trees .Which season do you like best ?

( ) Spring .

( ) What’s your favourite season ,Sarah ? ( ) Why do you like winter ? ( ) Winter .

( ) Because I can skate . ( ) Why do you like spring ? 五.找出不同类的单词(5)

( )1.A . spring B . season C. summer D. fall ( )2.A. what B. when C. week D. where ( )3.A. hot B. cold C. weather D. warm ( )4.A. eat B. teacher C. music D. English ( )5.A. elephant B. monkey C. eleven D. tiger 六.写出下列动词的ing形式.(10)

fly-- jump-- walk-- climb-- pick-- watch-- take-- run-- 七.从方框中选择适当的词填空(5)

What why which where when

1.____ do you get up? At 6:00你什么时候起床?

2.____ is your favorite season? 3.____ is your art teacher? 你的美术老师是谁?

4.____ are you from? I’m from china.你来自于哪里?

5.____ do you like winter? Because I can skate.你为什么喜欢冬天?八.选择正确的答案。(10)

( ) 1.What do you do ____the weekend?

A.on B. in C.at

( ) 2._____season do you like best?

五年级英语(下)期末试卷 Class Name Score

A.Which B.What C.How ( ) 3.Kate ____ playing chess.

A.am B.is C.are ( ) 4. --- ___ they taking a picture? --- Yes, they are.

A.Am B.Is C.Are

( ) 5.Why do you like summer best? ______ I can swim in the lake. A. Because B. So C. And

( ) 6.___is your favourite season?

A. What B. Who C. Where

( ) 7. What are you____now? 你正在干什么?

A.doing B.do C.does ( ) 8.Can tigers swim? --- ________.

A Yes ,they can’t B No,they can’t C No, they can ( ) 9.What is your father doing? _____walking. A It’s B He’s C She’s

( ) 10.They are _______ insects carefully.正在观察昆虫

A. watch B. watching C. watches 九.将问题与相应的答案连起来。(10分)

1. What are you doing? A. Yes, they are. 2. Is her birthday in June? B. It's may the 5th. 3. What's the date? C. I'm cooking dinner. 4. Are they doing an experiment? D. Yes, it is.

5. What do you do on the weekend? E. I often going hiking. 十.阅读理解(20) John: Hello, David. I get up at 6:00. When do you get up?

David: I get up at 6:00, and then I eat breakfast at 6:20.

John: I usually play the piano on the weekend. What about you? David: I often visit grandparents with my parents. John: What is your favourite season?

David: Spring, because my birthday is March 12th. John: I like summer. Because I can swim in summer. David: That’s great. I like swimming, too. ( ) 1.John gets up at____.

A. 6:00 B.6:20

( ) 2.David often ____on the weekend.

A. plays the piano B.visits grandparents ( ) 3.John often_____in summer.

A. plays the piano B.swims

( ) 4.David likes_____best.

A. spring B.summer

( )5._____birthday is March 12th.

A. John’s B.David’s

It’s Sunday and it’s a nice day. I get up at five o’clock and then I do morning exercises. I like spring, because in spring I can hear(听) the birds singing and the flowers are beautiful. In the afternoon I go to the park with my friends and have a picnic there. It’s a pretty day! 1. It is Tuesday. ( ) 2. It is a nice day. ( )

3. I get up at 7 o’clock. ( )

4.Spring is my favourite season. ( ) 5. I see many animals in the afternoon. ( )

五年级英语(下)期末试卷 Class Name Score

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