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三年级起点4A Unit5Period 3

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Oxford English


Module 2 My family, my friends and me

My friends
Period 3

Who is he/she?
I have a friend. His/Her name’s … He/She is … He/She has … (hair/face/eyes/…) He/She has a … (coat/dress/blouse/…) He/She can … He/She likes … I like her/him.

It is small and lovely. It has two long ears and a short tail. Its eyes are red. It can jump very fast. What is it?
It is not a fish. But it looks like a large fish. It lives in the sea. It can play with the ball on its nose. What is it?

It is big and strong. It has two big ears and a long nose. It likes eating leaves and apples. What is it?
It is big and strong. It has a big mouth and long yellow hair. It can run very fast and jump very high. What is it?
















1. What animal is this? 2. What does it look like?

3. What kind of teeth does it have?


The lion is big and strong. It has big teeth.

The _____ is _____ (big/small/tall/short/…).

The ________ is small. mouse

It has _________ teeth. small

Look! I’m a ____. lion I’m ______. strong I have ____________ teeth. big and white

Hello! I’m a ______. I’m_____. mouse small I have ______________ teeth. small but sharp

Can the lion get
The lion cannot get out. out?

How does it
It is ________. afraid feel? rain


I’m a mouse. I’m afraid. Cat, cat, go away.

I’m a cat. I’m afraid. Dog, dog, go away.
I’m a ___. I’m afraid. ___, ___, go away.

Where is the

lion? ______. It is in a net

get let

There is a ______ in the net.

The lion cannot get out. He is afraid.

He is in a net.

Who can help the lion? How?

Look at the mouse. Its small teeth are sharp.
He can help the lion.

sh__p ar


a sharp knife

a sharp pencil

Sharp, sharp, sharp. I can eat with my sharp teeth. I can cut with my sharp knife. I can write with my sharp pencil. I can think with my sharp

Say and act
Oh! I’m in the ___. I’m _____! net afraid I can’t get out. Who can help me?
Lion, I … I can ____ you. help

R_____? You are so s_____. mall eally Yes, my______are small but teeth ______ . I can help you! sharp

How does the story end? The lion and the mouse are friends now.

It’s role-play time! What can they say?
Hello! I’m a mouse. I’m small. I have small and white teeth.

Look! I’m a lion. I’m strong. I have big and white teeth. Oh! I’m in the net. I’m afraid! I can’t get out. Who can help me? Really? You are so small. Great! You are super! Thank you for your help, my friend.

Lion, I… I can help you.

Yes, my teeth are small but sharp. I can help you.

You are welcome. We are friends now.

The lion is ... It is ... The mouse is … too. This is ... It is ... It has ... teeth. The lion and the mouse are ... They are ...

The mouse can help ... It can ...

Lion, I … I can help you.

1. Listen to and read the story on Student’s Book page 29. 2. Make up a new story about these two animals. 3. Complete Workbook page 31.

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