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五年级Module 1

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五年级Module 1—Module 2 测试卷

(满分:100分 时间:40分钟) 姓名____________班级____________分数_____________


( )1. l t ( )2. rce rver ( )3. c ( )4.m S )5. blloon teach ( )6. d mther


( )1. A. ice cream B. rice C. bus

( )2. A.met B. buy C.ran

( )3. A.did B. when C.what

( )4. A.bread B. noodles C.milk

( )5. A. banana B.cheese C.food


1. run(过去式)________ 2. met(原形)________ 3.came(原形)________

4.do(过去式)______ 5. lived(原形)________ 6.drop(过去式)________


from with at up for 1. I went to the park_____Sam and Amy. 2. Please hurry ______,Lingling. 3. Look ______those ice creama. 4. Amy is waiting ______us now. 5. I’m back ______China. 五、给下列单词分类。(8分) ①juice ②orange ③bread ④pear ⑤milk ⑥cake ⑦cheese ⑧watermelon

1.water_____________________ 2.apple______________________


( )1. Last week I _____to Haikou with my mother.

A. go B. come C.went

( )2. We ________some cakes last weekend.

A. ate B. eat C.buy

( )3.----Did they buy ice cream? ----___________

A. Yes, they didn’t. B. No, they did. C. Yes, they did. ( )4. I_______buy anything last week.

A.don’t B. didn’t C. doesn’t ( )5. ----What did you see in the zoo? ----I _____ lots of animals. A.see B. saw C. look ( )6. ----Do you want to go shopping? ----___________ A. Yes, I don’t. B. No, I don’t. C. No, I do. ( )7. We need food _______our picnic.

A. for B. in C. at

( )8.Can you ________the shopping list to me?

A. for B. in C.at

( )9. What are we going to take _______our picnic?

A. in B. at C. on

( )10. Let’s __________two kilos of rice.

A. buys B. buying C. buy ( )11.There is ________bus. A. you B. me C. our ( )12.---_____ you ______ chicken yesterday? ---No, I didn’t. A. Did ; eat B. Did ; ate C. Do ; eat ( )13.Lingling is _________Beijing.

A. in B. on C. at ( )14.----How are you? ----____________

A. I’m Amy. B. I’m fine. C. I’m a girl. ( )15. I walked to school and ________my book.

A. drop B. dropped C. droped ( )16.Let’s buy one kilo_______peaches.

A. for B. of C. about ( )17.John is ___________ friend.

A. Sam and Amy’s B. Sam and Amy C. Sam’s and Amy ( )18.You _____back from China!

A. am B. is C. are 七、仿写句子。(12分)

例:---How much juice do you want?

---One bottle,please.

1. ---_____ _____ milk do you want? ---________ ________, please. 2. ---_____ _____ rice do you want?

---________ ________, please.


---________ ________, please. 4公斤

八、连词成句。(10分) 1. make list a let’s ( . )

2. like do oranges you ( ? )

3.come you back did when ( ? )

4. noodles you did yesterday eat ( ? )

5. yesterday went I by home bus ( . )

九、连一连,把序号写在( )里。(10分)

( ) 1. go to the supermarket A. 第一件事 ( ) 2. hurry up B. 列清单 ( ) 3. need food C. 去超市 ( ) 4. the first thing D. 需要食物 ( ) 5. make a list E. 快点 十、阅读理解。(10分)

Yesterday I went to the zoo with Peter. We met Mary in the zoo. She is Peter’s friend. We saw pandas , tigers and giraffes. We all like monkeys, so we bought some bananas. We fed the monkeys in the zoo. The monkeys ate many bananas. The monkeys were very clever. Then we went home by taxi. We had a good time in the zoo. ( )1.Mary is _________friend.

A. my B.Peter’s C.your

( )2.---Did they go to the _________yesterday? ---Yes, they did.

A. zoo B. park C.library ( )3.What did they buy yesterday?

A. Apples B. Peanuts(花生) C.Bananas

( )4.They went home________.

A. by taxi B. by bus C.by car

( )5.Do they like monkeys?

A.Yes, they don’t. B. No.they don’t. C. Yes, they do.

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