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)1. A. cat )2. A. carrot )3. A. come )4. A. food )5. A. book )6. A. month

B. bat B. parrot B. son B. foot B. look B. mother

C. sad C. rabbit C. fun C. cool C. cook C. brother C. ice-skating C. fire fighter

)7. A. swimming )8. A. taxi driver )9. A. Come on !

B. playing B. bus driver

B. Come here ! C. Come with me.

B. What does she do ?

)10.A.What does he do ?

C. What does Tim do ?



)1. A. Yes, I do. B. No, she doesn’t. C. Yes, they do.

C. Me, too.

)2. A. Fine, thanks. B. I am five.


)3. A. No, I need. B. Yes, he does. )4. A. Yes, I can. B. No, he can’t. C. Yes, I am. C. No, she doesn’t. )5. A.I have some staples. C. She has some tofu. B. I need some meat.

四、听短文,判断句子是否与短文内容相符,用“√”“×”表示。(5分) (

( )1. My uncle is working in a hospital. )2.My uncle is a factory worker. )3.My aunt is going to the grocer store. )4.My uncle has some vegetables and salt. )5.He needs some tofu.


1.My father is a ___________ . 2. Do you have any ___________ . 3. What do we ___________ ? 4. Does Jenny have any ___________ ?

5. Is this your ___________ ?


1. __________ they playing soccer ? No, they aren’t.

2. __________ he __________ any paper? Yes, he does.

3. My teacher __________ a dictionary.

4. __________ your brother __________ some envelopes.

5. They don’t have __________ glue. They need __________ .

6. Gogo __________ going to the beach.

7. It’s raining. The boy __________ an umbrella.




Is this your __________ __________? Yes, it is.


My __________ is __________ dinner. Do you have __________ __________ ? No, I don’t. 3.你有邮票吗?没有。


My mother __________ some glue and __________.


What are you __________ ? I’m __________ the hang glider.

三 选择填空 (10分)

( )1.He doesn’t need apples ,he only needs oranges.

A . some / any B. any /any C. any /some ( )2.My father some juice.

A .have B .has C .is

( ) 3. Let me your toy monkey now .

A . wash B . to wash C . washing ( )4. do you go ?To the park.

A . when B .where C .how

( )5.Listen!He a song .

A . sings B . is singing C. singing

( )6.Let’s go to play football.

A . a B . the C. / ( )7.My father’s brother is my .

A . aunt B . uncle C . cousin ( )8.He have any tofu .

A. isn’t B . does C . doesn’t ( )9. cousins do you have ? seven .

A. How old B .How many C .How ( )10. cat is it? It’s my cousin’s .

A .Whose B .Who C.What

四 用适当形式填空。(10)

1. Listen! The boys sing).

2. I want to (be) a taxi driver.


3. Let’s (go) (swim).

4. Where are you (go).

5. What ( do )he do ? He be) a farmer.

6. Do you have any (paper)?.


8. (do) she have any glue?


Tomorrow (明天) is Saturday . I am going to get up at eight After

breakfast . I am going to go shopping with my mother .I want to buy a book in the bookshop . My favourite fruit are apples so I am going to buy some apple juice too .My mother will buy some books for my little sister she needs some meat and vegetables for dinner so she’s going to buy some, too.

( ) 1、I am going to go to the bookshop on Sunday .

( ) 2、My mother has two sons 。

( ) 3、I usually get up at eight .

( ) 4、I like apple juice .

( ) 5、My mother wants to buy some meat and vegetables for dinner .


中文提示:今天是星期天,Lisa打算在家里办聚会(have a party)。她家里有上些苹果、香蕉和一颗西瓜,但是没有果汁和可乐(cola).Lisa还需要一些蔬菜和肉,她准备去超市购买。











1.cat 2. parrot 3.son 4.food 5.look 6.month

7.swimming 8.bus driver 9. come here 10.What does he do ?


1.My pet is a white rabbit.

2.This is Lisa’s book.

3.I have a stamp.

4.My uncle needs some paper clips..

5.I’m going to buy some staples.

6.This is my math teacher.

7.My aunt has a cat.

8.I don’t have any glue. I need some.

9.My father has some tape.

10.I don’t have some carrots.


1.Do your parents have a car?

2.I like swimming and ice-skating.

3. Are you cutting the paper ?

4.Can your sister play the piano.

5. What do you need ?.


This is my uncle. His name is Jim. He’s a factory worker. He works in a factory. He’s going to cook dinner at home. He has some meat, salt ,sugar and vegetables. But he doen’t have any tofu and juice. He needs some. Now, my aunt is going to the supermarket.


1. 2. Do you have any 3. What do we 4. 5. Is this your


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