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甘沟乡教委2012-2013学年度第二学期第十周“周周清”试卷 - I’d like eggplant, too. 号学

名姓 级班 校学五年级 英语

命题人:杨姗姗 审核人:杨姗姗 校对人:

( )1. A. mutton B. potato C. pork ( )2. A. green beans B. fish C. cabbage ( )3. A. eggplant B. tomato C. tofu ( )4. A. sour B. healthy C. sweet ( )5. A. tofu B. juice C.onion



( ) 1. - would you like for lunch?

- I’d like mutton and cabbage.

A. What about B. What’s C. What

( ) 2. – I’d like eggplant for lunch. What you?

A and B. for C. About

( ) 3. I tomatoes and tofu for dinner.

A. likes B. would like C. would ( ) 4. Vegetables and fruit are healthy for . A. my B. me C.I ( ) 5. The tofu is I like it. A. sour B. salty C. healthy


1. What’s your ______________ food? 2. What would you like ______________ lunch? 3. We have noodles ______________ Thursdays. 4. That sounds ______________

5. I ______________ grapes. They’re sour and______________(甜的)


A: Good morning . What day is it today?

B: _______________________________________________ A:Oh!





____________________________________? B: Our Chinese teacher is Miss Chen.

A: ________________________________________? B: She is short and pretty.

A: ______________________________________?

B: I like tofu. It’s tasty and healthy .______________________? A: Me, too.


Hello, my name is John. I’m an American. I’m strong and tall. I like China and Chinese food. I often have pork, beef, mutton and cucumbers for lunch. My favourite food are pears, they are sweet. But my sister Amy likes bananas. Her favourite food are oranges, they are sour. I don’t like oranges. My father and my mother like Chinese food, too. Their favourite food is cabbage and chicken, they’re healthy, too.

( )1.John likes oranges. ( )2.Amy is from America.

( )3.John’s father and mother have two children. ( )4.John’s mother likes chicken. ( )5.John’s sister is tall and strong.


English art active teacher Friday Saturday Sunday play computer games do watch football Monday often

Today is ________. We have ______ and ________ on Fridays. I like my English teacher. She’s a university student, she’s ________.My art _______ is very funny. So, I like ______.Tomorrow is ________.I can _____ _____ with my friends in the playground. In the evening I ______ TV. What a happy day!

八、根据图片所给的提示,认真阅读答句,提出相应的问句,使对话合理、通顺、并与图片相符。(10分) 1、__________________________ ? It’s Wednesday today.

2、__________________________ ? No, she isn’t strict.

3、__________________________ ?

I often watch TV on Sundays.

4、__________________________ ?

We have Chinese, music and math on Fridays.

5、__________________________ ?

I like milk and bread.

九、根据图片的提示,写出今天星期几,上什么课,一日三餐吃什么,进行什么活动. (10分)

lunch after school in the evening ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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