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学校:____________________ 班别:________________ 姓名:____________________ 学号:_______________ 第一学段质检试卷 A. 听力部分(40分) 一、 听音辨词,把听到单词的序号填在题前括号里。(10分) ( )1. A .find B. five C .fine ( )2 . A.near B .hear C.bear ( )3. A.pearl B.purse C.nurse ( )4. A .never B. ever C. every ( )5. A.twice B.twelve C. twenty ( )6. A.girl B.shirt C.skirt ( )7. A. plane B. plate C .piece ( )8. A .bag B. bad C. bar ( )9. A.get B. let C .lot ( )10. A.chairs B .stairs C. pairs 二、 听辨词组,用数字在括号内标号。(10分)

三、 听问题,选答语。(10分) ( )1. A.I’m playing basketball. B. I play basketball on Tuesday. C.I played basketball. ( )2.A. At the store. B. At the bookshop. C.At the park. ( )3.A.Yes,he does. B.No,she doesn’t. C.Yes,she did. ( )4.A.We go once a week. B.They go twice a week. C.They shopping by bus.

( )5.A.He’s going to the bank. B.He’s going to swim.

C.He’s reading comic books.


Jenny is a ________. She ______ to school at seven. She ______ rides her bike. She _________ has lunch at ______. In the afternoo, she often ________ with her friend. They go ______ once a ________. She is a ______ __________.



1. She usually l ____ in Hong Kong..

2.Here are six p_____ of candy.

3. a bottle of shampoo yesterday .

4. I f_____ some money under the desk yesterday morning.

5. We never look for i_______.

6. I often drive my c_______ to work..

7. Lily and lucy are l______ in the park

8. I watch TV three t______ a week

9. His h________ are skating , hiking ,and playing tennins. 10. How often do you go f______ ?


1. I ___________(write) a letter now .

2. Did your mother ___________(buy) some fruit yesterday ? Yes ,

she ___________(buy) some pears .

3. They __________ (take) a subway to Beijing tomorrow .

4. We ___________(go) ice—skating once a month .

Gogo_________(go) ice-skating three times a month .

5. What do they like __________(do)? They like

________(shop).They go __________(shop) once a month .

6. Let’s __________(look) for some insects .


( )1. How ____ he ____ to Guangzhou ? By bus ?

A.do/get B.does/get C.by/on

( )2. ____ Lisa ____her bike to the zoo every Sunday? Yes,she

does .

A.Do / ride B.Does / ride C.Did / ride

( )3. I____fly kites after school ,but I ever fly kites on

Sunday morning.

A. ever B. sometimes C .never

( )4. You are good ____ swimming.

A.at B. to C. for

( )5. ___do they go ice breaking ? Once a year .

A.When B.Where C.How often

( )6. A:Let’s _____ some cookies . B: OK, let’s go .

A.find B.look for C.watch

( )7. My father and mother _____twice a week .

A.go hiking B.went hiking C.goes hiking

( )8. I am going to ___ a piece of candy to school .

A. brings B.brought C.bring

( )9. Did you ____ a roll of bread ? Yes , I ______.

A.bring / am B.bring / did C. bring / do

( )10.My uncle and aunt _____on that island .

A.lives B. live C. life

四、 根据中文意思完成句子。(10分)

1.They ___________(带来了)some apples and a lot of _________(糖).

2.Tony _________ (经常) helps his mother _______(煮)dinner.

3.How do you_____________________ (去上学)?We _______(步行) to school .

4.______________(多长时间一次)do they go hiking ?_____________________.(一个月2次)

5.I like _______________(听音乐).I listen __________.(一天一次)


Bill works in a big store. It is next to a school. Every day many students come to the shop to buy school things. Bill’s home is far from the store. He usually gets up at five, has breakfast and then goes to work by bus. He puts some food in his lunch box . At noon he has lunch in the store. He works hard like other people . They close the store at 7: 15 in the evening . Bill puts away things and then goes home .






) 1. Bill works in a small shop far from a school . ) 2. Bill’s home is near the shop . ) 3. Bill goes to the shop by bus every day . ) 4. He has his lunch and supper in the shop . ) 5. The people in the shop all work hard .











1. A .find 2 . B .hear 3. A.pearl 4. B. ever

5. B.twelve 6. B.shirt 7. B. plate 8. B. bad

9. B. let 10. B .stairs


1.a roll of toilet paper 2.a cup of tea 3.by bike

4.a bar of soap 5.three times a time 6.play the drum

7.by car 8.twice a week 9.a piece of cake

10.once a week


1.What did you do on Tuesday?

2.Where can we buy some candy?

3.Does Lisa like dancing?

4.How often do they go shopping?

5.What’s your father going to do?


Jenny is a . She to school at seven. She rides

her bike. She has lunch at . In the afternoo, she often with her friend. They go

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