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( )1. A. horse B. house C. hospital ( )2. A. shoe store B. bookstore C. bus stop

( )3. A. west B. east C. left ( )4. A. north B. south C. mouth ( )5. A. take B. make C. lake


( )1. A. by bus B. by train C. by subway ( )2. A. turn left B. turn right C. go straight ( )3. A. How can I get to the hospital?

B. How can I get to school?

C. How can I get to the bookstore?

( )4. A. It’s near the post office.

B. It’s next to the post office.

C. It’s east of the post office.

( )5. A. Is there a cinema near here?

B. Is there a library near here?

C. Is there a museum near here?



( ( It’s ____ of the cinema.

( ) “×”。每小题听两遍。(15分)

1. 2. 3.

( ) ( ) ( )

5. 4.

( ) ( )



1交通灯________________;2去上学________________; 3到达

________________;4图书馆________________; 5 电影院________________ 6左转________________7右转________________;


( )1. Stop at the ______.

A. yellow light B. green light C. red light

( )2. The Science Museum is near the school ________the right.

A. on B. at C. in

( ) 3. Is there a cinema near your home? ________

A. Yes, there isn’t. B. Yes, there is. C. No, there is.

( ) 4 If you want to buy some books, you can go to the ______.

A. book shop B. shoe shop C. post office

( ) 5. If you want to see a doctor, you can go to the ______.

A. hospital B. library C. cinema

( ) 6. Turn right ________ the school, then go ________.

A. of, straight B. at, straight C. in, straight

( )7. How do you go to school? I often go to school_____ foot.

A. by B. on C. in

( ) 8. Excuse me, where is the library? It’s ________ the cinema.

A. next B. next to C. at

( )9你想知道电影院在哪儿时,可以问:____________

A. Excuse me. Where is the cinema, please?

B. Excuse me. Where is the school, please?

C. Excuse me. Where is the post office, please?

七、Read and choose(读句子,选择适当的内容填空)(10分)

(1) How do (you/ your) go to England?

(2)My school is near my home. It is not (near/far).

(3)Let’s go to the bus stop (on/by) foot.

(4) Our classroom is on the (two/second) floor.

(5) See you (in/at) 9 o’clock.

八、Read and match(句子搭配)(10分)

A. How do you go to the supermarket? a. Sure, if you like.

B. Can I go on foot? b. It’s near a fast food shop.

C. Where is your home? c. I go there by the No. 15 bus.

D. Look at the traffic lights. d. you can get there on foot. It’s not far.

E. How can I get to the bookstore? e. We must stop.



Mr. Black: Excuse me. Where is the cinema?

Chen Jie:You can take the No. 120 bus.

Mr. Black:Where is the bus stop?

Chen Jie:You go to the library. The bus stop is in front of the library.

Mr. Black: Is it far?

Chen Jie:No, it’s not far.Walk straight for five minutes. It’s on the right. Mr. Black::Where can I get off?

Chen Jie:You can get off at the post office.Go straight for two minutes, then you can see the cinema.It’s on your left.

Mr. Black::Thank you.

Chen Jie:You are welcome.

( )1.Mr. Black wants to go to the post office.

( )2.He can go there by bus.

( )3.The library is in front of the bus stop.

( )4.Chen Jie can get off at the post office.

( )5.He can see the cinema on the right when he gets off the

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