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一、找出下列单词中不同类的一项,将序号填在( )内。(5分) ( )1. A. fruit B. apple C. orange ( )2. A. thirteen B. three C. many ( )3. A. boy B. girl C. student ( )4. A. family B. father C. mother ( )5. A. short B. giraffe C. long

二、看图,根据图意选择正确的句子,将序号填在( )内。(5分)

( )

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) A. I have 8 crayons. xK b1 . Co m B. The duck is in the box.

C. -Come on, Bailing. Let's watch TV! -Great! D. -This is my friend, Amy. -Nice to meet you. E. I see seventeen books.


A、thirteen B、cat C、bear D、grape E、 eighteen F、 tiger、 G、car H、pear I、fifteen J、eleven 动物类: 水果类: 交通工具: 数字类:


<A> <B>

( )1. How many crayons do you have? A. Under the desk. ( )2. How many kites do you see? B.Sure,here you are. ( )3. Where is the ball? C. I have twelve.

( )4. Can I have some bananas? D. Yes, I do. ( )5. Do you like watermelons? E. Twelve. 五、选择正确答案。(10分)

( )1、___is that woman---She is my mother .

A Where B who C what ( )2、How many ____can you see ? -----Nineteen. A kite B kites C cat

( ) 3、----Who’s that boy?

----- is my friend, Tom. A、he B、she C、 He

( )4、______ are you from ? ------I’m from America . A Where B Who C How many ( ) A Thirteen. B Yes,it is. ( )6 apple a day keeps the doctor away. A a B an

( )7 It big ears.

A、have B、has C、 is ( )8 Mike不喜欢吃梨子,你也不喜欢,怎么说? A Me too. B Me neither.

( )9问站在远处的那个男人是谁,你该怎样问?

A Who’s this man? B Who’s that man? C Who’s that boy? ( ) 10、Let’s have a race ?

----- !

A、Hello B、Thank C、Good idea


A 栏 B 栏

1、( )Where are you from? A、I see fifteen.

2、( )Who’s that man? B、I’m from China. 3、( )How many crayons do you see? C、No, I don’t. 4、( )Do you like bananas? D、He’s my father. 5、( )Where’s my pen? E、It’s on the desk.

. 七、判断正文,正确填T,错误填F(5分)

Tom and John are good friends. Tom is twelve years old. John is thirteen years old.

They are good students. They like to eat hamburgers.Miss White is their English

teacher.She likes them very much.

( )1, Tom and John are good friends. ( )2. Tom is twelve years old. ( )3. John is twelve years old. ( )4.Tom likes to eat hamburgers.

( )5.John doesn’t like to eat hamburgers.

八. 找出下列单词中不同类的一项。(5分) ( )1.A.mother B .sister C.father D.cap ( )2.A.sixteen B .blue C.fifteen D.eighteen ( )3.A.like B.apple C.orange D.grapes ( )4.Canada B .China C.Australia D.Jiangxi ( )5.head B.long C.short D big

十. 把下列单词按所给格式抄写在四线三格内。(5分)

Brother teacher tail eyes USA

IV. 读一读、选一选。(10分) ( )1.——Have some fruits. ——__________________________.

A.Thank you . B.OK. C.Good !

( )2.——Who’s this boy? ——______________________.

A.He is my father. B .He is my brother . C.She is my sister.

( )3.——What do you like? ——________________________.

A.No ,I don’t . B. Yes ,I do . C. I like oranges.

( )4.——Where are you from ? ——___________________________. A.I from China B .I am from China . C.I from the UK . ( )5.——Is it on the desk ? ——__________________________. A.Yes,it isn’t B .No ,it is . C.No ,it isn’t . VI. 情景选择 ( 8分)

1.你想向你的妈妈介绍Miss White,应该怎么说?

A.This is my mother. B .This is me . C .This is my teacher . 2.在同学家做客,你想吃西瓜时,可以说:

A.Can I have some watermelons,please ? B .I want to have watermelons . C.Can you have some bananas ,please ? 3.如何表达:你有多少个气球?

A.How many balloons can you see ? B .How many balls do you have ? c.How many balloons do you have ? 4.你的玩具汽车不见了,你该怎么询问呢?

A.Where is my car ? B .Where is my toy car ? C.What is my car ? VII. 阅读短文,回答问题,将正确的答案的序号填入括号内。(5分)

Tom is twelve years old. He is a student. He lives in Zhongshan Street. He likes reading and writing. He likes pigs,dogs, cats and horses. ( )1. Tom is a boy. ( )2. Tom is twenty .

( )3. Tom lives in Huangshan Street.. ( )4. Tom doesn’t like reading and writing ( )5. Tom doesn’t like animals.

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