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13 friend This is my _____.She is ____(年龄) tall cool She is ____.(外貌)She is ____(性格) She likes swimming _______(爱好).I like myfriend ____


My favourite season is summer. It’s hot. It’s sunny. I can swim. I can eat ice-creams.

This is It’s big. It’s beautiful. trees There are some _______. flowers There are some _______. school I like my _____
My bedroom My school My city
school my________.

以 My holiday为题,描述你这个暑假 你打算去哪里,做什么。

I’m going toShanghai _____.(地点)I’m going to go plane by _____(方式)I’m going to ________(事情) go shopping I’m ______(心情). This is my holiday. excited

以 This weekend 为题,说说他们打算怎样 度过这个周末?

go fishing John is going to _________. ZhangPeng swim is going to ___________.Sarah is going to read a book _____________.Mike is going to play football ______ clean the room Chenjie is going to_________________. This is their weekend.

看图写话 。用5句话说说图中人正在做什么, 做得怎样?

is watching TV ZhangPeng___________________.Sarah is reading a book ____________________.ChenJie is cleaning _______ the room is playing football _____________.Mike _________________. He/She is happy/excited/tired.

以Last weekend为题,说说他们上周 末做了什么。

watched TV read a book Zhangpeng ____________.Sarah ____________. cleaned the room played football Chenjie _______________.Mike______________. John _______________. went fishing


cleans the room Chenjie often __________________.Zhangpeng plays football watches TV often ______________ .Mike often_____________ reads a book Sarah often _________________. John often _________________ goes fishing


Chenjie gets up at 6:30.She goes to school at 7:05. She goes home at 4:35. She goes to bed at 9:00. This is her day. 以My day为题,介绍自己一天的作息时间。 I get up at 6:30. I go to school at 7:30. I have lunch at 12:00.I go home at 5:00. I go to bed at 9:30. This is my day.

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