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1. We often___________(play) in the playgound.

2. He _________(get) up at six o’clock.

3. __________you _________(brush) your teeth every morning.

4. What __________ (do) he usually__________ (do) after school?

5. Danny __________ (study) English,Chinese,Maths,Science and Art an school.

6. Mike sometimes __________(go) to the park with his sister.

7. At eight at night, she __________(watch) TV with his parents.

8. ________ Mike________(read) English every day?

9. How many lessons ______ your classmate_____(have) on Monday?

10. What time _________his mother_________(do) the housework?


1. Do you often play football after school? (肯定回答)

2. I have many books. (改为否定句)

3. Gao Shan’s sister likes playing table tennis (改为否定句)

4. She lives in a small town near New York. (改为一般疑问句)

5. I watch TV every day. (改为一般疑问句)

6. David has got a goal. (改为一般疑问句)

7. We have four lessons.(否定句)

8. Nancy doesn’t run fast (肯定句)

9. My dog runs fast.



10. Mike has two letters for him.



11. I usually play football on Friday afternoon.

1.play 2.gets 3.Do;brush 4.does;do 5.studies 6.goes 7.watches

8.Does read 9.does;have 10.does;do

1.Yes,I do. 2.I don't have any books. 3.Gao Shan's sister dosen't like playing table tennis. 4.Does she live in a small town near New York? 5.Do you watch TV every day? 6.Has David got a goal? 7.We don't have four lessens. 8.Nancy runs fast. 9.My dog dosen't run fast. 10.Does Mike have two letters for him? 11.I don't usually play football on Friday afternoon. 31

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